Hour 21: Get Comfortable

I don’t know about you guys, but its cold, snowy, windy, and generally miserable outside. Which, for me, makes perfect reading weather. I’ve got my fuzzy slippers, cozy blanket, and fluffy reading partners plus a whole stack of books to keep me company. What’s the weather like where you are? Are you enjoying the sun or is the winter keeping you inside too?

Know what makes gross winter weather slightly better? Prizes! Three more winners to announce:

Erin Hernandez

Amy C (@amyecolman on Twitter)


We’re closing in the halfway point. You can do it!

51 thoughts on “Hour 21: Get Comfortable

    • avertin2006 says:

      In a word, the weather here at the NE Kansas/ NW Missouri border is STRANGE. chilly at my house (and muddy from rain/frozen ground in Kansas and warm and sunny 15 minutes away in Missouri. But yes I’m definitely staying inside, I gotta get some books read!


  1. Dani Moth says:

    It’s chilly, but not super cold here. I’ve got a Criminal Minds DVD in, a fuzzy blanket, two pillows and two very cuddly doggos keeping me company while I slog through some research. It’s actually pretty fun reading, lots of underlining and highlighting is going on. I’m gonna get up in a few to make some more tea, though. And maybe get something to eat.


  2. Kayla Jackson says:

    It was almost 70 here in northwest Arkansas, but a storm is about to roll in, which will make for delightful reading weather tonight and tomorrow.


  3. schnallison says:

    It was 55° and sunny today, which is so unusual for January in Wisconsin. I took advantage by spending time running errands this afternoon. But it put me WAY behind in reading. Right now I’m cozy, sitting on my bed with my slippers, blanket, chocolate, and green tea. Getting ready to read into the night!


  4. JustAnotherReader says:

    Up here on the WV mountain top, it is wet, but not cold. it’s dark, and feels like May. I turned up the AC so I could actually snuggle in my comfy chair and blanket and enjoy not having to do anything but read. Now I have my English tea, crackers, and possibly some reese later on. right now, I have to get caught up on some lost reading time!


  5. It’s rainy and we keep getting tornado warnings, so my blood pressure is a little high lol

    Once the sirens stop going off, the rain will make for a nice, cozy reading night.


  6. Oddly warm for January in Chicago – I’m used to wearing two coats and two pairs of pants this time of year! Made me glad I had an audio book so I could spend a little time with it on a walk.


  7. In the 40s and overcast in NH. The sun tried to come out this afternoon, but didn’t quite manage. I stayed inside most of the day except for a short trip out this morning to run an errand.


  8. Jen says:

    I’m pretty sure we we’ve been in the 60s during the day here in Tucson, Arizona (the Sonora Desert). It gets chillier at night, though, so I am relaxing and reading in a comfy pair of fleece pajamas. 🙂


  9. Tera says:

    It was beautiful in Cypress, Texas. I was able to sit out back and read in the sunshine… which we haven’t seen for the past week. Happy reading everybody!


  10. It’s in the low 70’s (F) here but rainy and extremely windy with gusts of 45-60 mph. Good in a sense as it is more pleasant to be inside reading but I lost power for a few hours and the wind makes me nervous as I had my roof damaged last year from it–so when it gets loud and growly, it makes me jumpy. It is supposed to peak tonight and hopefully be mellower tomorrow. So I may be jumpy and awake and thus more reading time! (Gotta look on the bright side!) 😉


  11. Cindy says:

    It was sunny and 80 here today. I actually read for a couple hours on my screened in porch under construction! What better way to inaugurate a new living space than by reading in it?!


  12. reganws says:

    Oddly rainy and foggy here…it should be snowy or cold. Either way, perfect weather for curling up with a good book and a cup of tea in front of the fireplace.


  13. unidragonfrag says:

    It’s a lot warmer then it has been for a while right off the gorge in Oregon right now. But, the rain dampens any outdoor reading I’d like to do. 😦


  14. Amanda Bender says:

    It was supposed to rain all day here in southern NM, but we ended up just having nasty wind. Either way, good excuse to stay in and read!


  15. In 5…4…3…2…

    *channeling meteorological voice*

    Well, it’s currently 70°F with a high of 76 and a low of 59. It’s terribly rainy outside with severe thunderstorms expected throughout the day, but not the weekend. The storm system should clear out by midmorning Sunday, leaving only partly cloudy skies.

    Tornado warnings are no longer in effect in the area as of 9 pm. But I’d still exercise caution when venturing out of doors, as thunderstorms continue to plague the area until early morning hours.

    How’s that for unusual Winter weather?
    *banter, banter, banter*


    Back to you, Rachel 😆


  16. Donna Abate says:

    Whoever said it never rains in Southern California…was fibbing! 🙂 It’s been raining and the winds are gusty here, lots of broken branches and palm frawns all around our yard and the nearby roads. Today it warmed up a bit and the rain stopped, but it’s about to start again in the wee hours. Which means I’m staying very toasty under the covers and my delightful heated mattress pad. Great weather for a weekend of reading.


  17. Lis Marie says:

    It’s surprisingly warm here in Toronto for January at 4°C (which is 40°F according to my weather app) but a bit foggy and damp. Perfect weather for piling into bed with blankets and tea with the window open to let in some fresh air!


  18. Southern California has had some pretty major storms the past few days, but it is calm now. 52 degrees (which is chilly for here), so I am in super warm and cozy pjs with hot tea and a fuzzy blanket.


  19. We are having bizarre January weather in Pennsylvania. It was 62 degrees and sunny this afternoon. While it was gorgeous, it was also a bit strange. I am fighting a bit of a cold, so I was still happy to stay inside with a blanket, cozy slippers, and soup.


  20. Warmish 40 F here.. I actually read out on my porch today, which is weird for January in New Hampshire. Enjoyed it while I could because it could be -11 F any minute 🙄


  21. The weather is really nice in mid-East Missouri! I was going to take a walk with my audiobook, but chose the silent companionship of reading friends today instead.


  22. It’s the middle of winter in NJ but it’s surprisingly mild. It rained a lot overnight, so there was a lot of fog today which was kind of eerie to be honest. I like it, but I watch a lot of horror movies so you can see why it might make me nervous!

    I would be staying inside no matter what the weather, so that doesn’t matter so much to me. I’ve driven in all kinds of weather, so if I had to go out I wouldn’t be bothered by snow. The kind that freaks me out is heavy rain that’s so heavy that the wipers on my car do nothing.

    I like early autumn for us the best because of the chill in the air. It makes it the best time for flannel sheets and fluffy comforters.


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