Hour Six: Say Cheese!

Good morning, readers! It’s 6am by the official clock and many of you are just shaking off the cobwebs and picking up your first book of the day. I’m snuggled deep in my bed, piled high with pillows and quilts, with my laptop and phone, and a stack of books waiting for me. (Readathon HQ is very tech heavy).

As we start to really stretch into the first day of #24in48, I’ve got your first challenge of the ‘thon and it’s an easy one.

Show me your shelfie! More specifically, stop what you’re doing, and snap a selfie with one or more of the books you’re reading today. Post your photo on the social media outlet of your choice and post a link to the pic in the comments below. (Tagging it with #24in48 or the official handle won’t be enough to have it counted; you must comment to be eligible).

This challenge will be open for six hours until noon ET today, and I’ll announce the winner in the Hour Twelve post. So get to snapping!

But you want prizes now? Oh well okay!

Here are four more door prize winners:

Daisya Spencer

Sophie Wilkinson

Kristy H (@LazyOwl on Litsy)

Brandy (@Handmade_Redhead on Litsy)

See you guys back here in three hours for more prizes!

133 thoughts on “Hour Six: Say Cheese!

  1. Donna Abate says:

    Good morning all! Still waking up. Just posted my #shelfie on Litsy @UwannaPublishme, wild bed hair and all. 😁 Okay, back to my book. Happy Reading to all!


  2. Slowly waking up this morning! My stack of books to read for the readathon made a nice pillow though. Time to wake up and get to reading! Posted my Shelfie on Instagram and Litsy : thetallented

    Thanks for hosting some awesome giveaways!


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