Hour 18 Check-In

This is a guest post from Kerry, who is taking the dinner shift. 

Whoop! You are 18 hours into the first 24-hour stretch of the 48-hour ‘thon. (That’s more math than my typical language-driven brain can really handle.)

How’s it feel? How much reading have you done? Do you feel like you’re on track to reach the goals you may have set for yourself?

Tell us your highs and your lows, and I promise I will get Justin Timberlake to cheer for you.

(See? I always keep my promises.)

It’s coming towards the end of what for many has been a very long day, so I highly recommend standing up and stretching those legs a bit. If you’re on East Coast time, maybe think about dinner (otherwise, think about snacks, because what kind of ‘thon is a ‘thon without snacks?). Go for a walk. Do some jumping jacks.

Then hop back into the books–and happy reading!

Don’t forget you have 6 more hours to enter for a prize pack of books on the Hour 12 post!

4 thoughts on “Hour 18 Check-In

  1. Suzze says:

    I’m at 9 hours, 15 minutes. I’ve read 761 pages. Had company earlier which was nice as my eyes were starting to blur. Just finished dinner and away we go…….


  2. My reading time was thoroughly interrupted by my husband who begged me to go to a movie with him. I said yes, but he had to let me read at lunch. I haven’t finished any books, but I’ve made some headway on TRICKSTER’S CHOICE and finished Archie #1. I’m trying out EIGHT HUNDRED GRAPES before we head to a burlesque show tonight.


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