HOUR 15: Live Footage from #24in48 HQ

And now, for live footage from the #24in48 HQ, where your co-hosts are happily liking, sharing, and admiring all of the wonderful bookish posts and goodness happening out there in the interwebs:a black cat with white paws types frantically at a keyboard

But to be serious for a moment: we love, love, love seeing all of you reading all across the world for this amazing event. It warms our little hearts. That said, there’s only three of us, and we can’t promise to see, comment, cheer on every post out there (despite our best efforts!). So if you have a few minutes today or tomorrow, or find yourself itching for a short book break, don’t forget to peruse the #24in48 hashtag on your social media platform of choice to cheer on other readers!

Meanwhile, we’ll be over here pretending to read books but really refreshing all the ‘thon’s social channels to be sure not to miss a single update from all of you.

But before you go, let’s pull some new door prize winners, shall we?

Ariel Barney

Megan Marie Lessard

Kristina Floyd

Caroline (@writereadplan)

Maya (@hooked_to_the_book)

Joshua Miller

Jenn (@reluctantwordthief)

Sam McNeely

Harshmi Shah

Sara Hendrix

If you see your name here (or on any of the other prize pulls in past hourly posts), hop over to the Prize Page to select your prize. And if you haven’t seen your name come up yet, keep on checking! We’ll keep drawing door and challenge prize winners across the rest of the weekend.

🚨 You must be officially signed up to be eligible for door prizes and challenge prizes, and you have until the end of day one to do so. You can search the participant list here to make sure you’re signed up, or if you know that you aren’t, go right to the sign-up form. 🚨

Reminder: This 24in48, we’re trying to log every book read this weekend! Track your books as you finish them here, and follow along on Goodreads!