Hour 18: Read Together

One of my favorite parts of readathon – and this has been true since the very beginning – is the community that builds online during this amazing weekend of reading. I’ve made some fantastic friends from 24in48 and I know so many of you have too.

I’ve also heard about many of you creating your own little weekend readathon communes where you ditch the kids or the partner and hunker down with friends – both in person and online – to make the most of 24in48. (Shout out to the foursome who got a hotel room to really escape the real world for readathon. You’re doing it right!)

read together

I hope you’ve been enjoying the giveaways and challenges from our friends at Litsy. And don’t forget that it’s not too late to sign up and/or complete the Intro Survey for a chance to win.

Who are you reading with this weekend? My readathon buddy is failing at keeping me motivated – thank goodness he’s cute!