January 2017 Prize Pack Winners!

Happy post-24in48 Wednesday, friends! (Yes, okay, I’d rather be reading too, but I’m trying here.)

Thank you to everyone that participated. You’ve all been giving me some great feedback on the Hour 48 post (if you haven’t yet, please do) and I plan to incorporate a lot of it into July’s readathon. Have you put it on your calendar yet?

Congratulations to the nearly 118 participants that finished a full 24 hours of reading during the weekend. I’m so incredibly impressed with all of you and totally thrilled to give away some great prize packs to three winners.

Prize Pack #1 Winner:

Lesley Landry

Prize Pack #2 Winner:

Deb Christensen

Prize Pack #3 Winner:

Janani Vaidya

Congrats again to these winners and all the readers who participated last weekend.

Happy reading, and I’ll see you in six months!

Hour 48: The End!

WE DID IT! We made it the full 48 hours and I could not be more thrilled (or tired). I’m insanely proud of all you readers, all 1,150 of you (can you believe it?).

So that we can all get to bed, let’s get some of this nitty gritty out of the way.

Three last door prize winners to announce:

Miss Ariel

Britain Callen

Dee (@Lucky_LaDee on Litsy)

The winner of Hour 42’s literary dinner party challenge is:

Hannah @ Book Freak-Out

Can I come to all of your dinner parties? They sound fantastic!

If you can, I’d love to know how this readathon went for all of you, anything you’d change, your favorite books, etc. So leave a comment with this closing survey:

  1. How many books did you read? Pages? (If you didn’t keep track, tell me that too!)
  2. How many hours did you read?
  3. What do you think worked well in this readathon?
  4. What do you think could be done to improve the readathon for next time?
  5. Will you participate in a future 24in48 readathon?

And thanks to our friends at Book Riot, all readathon participants will be getting an email with a 25% discount code for their store. So keep your eyes peeled for that. Thank you to the whole BR gang for going above and beyond for this ‘thon.

Since I know you’re all dying to mark your calendars, the next 24in48 readathon will be held on:

July 22-23, 2017

Lastly, if you finished a full 24 hours of reading, you’re eligible to win one of three amazing prize packs. Fill out this form, including your proof of hours read, before midnight ET on Tuesday, January 24th.

It’s been amazing, guys, once again. Thanks for joining me!

Hour 45: Almost There!

You guys are champions! We’ve got three hours left until we put this thing officially to bed, and this is a super fast reminder that if your name has been announced as a prize winner and you haven’t yet done so, head over to the Prizes page, pick your poison, and fill out the form. This is the ONLY way I’ll be able to get your prize to you, so do it now. And if you’ve hit the 24-hour mark or think you’re going to, don’t forget that you’ll need to save and provide proof of your time in the Hour 48 post after this thing is all over and you’ll only have two days to do so.

Time for the last door prize winners of the readathon, and one more shout out to all of our amazing prize donors for providing such great giveaways. Give them a thanks if you can! It wouldn’t be possible without them.

Don’t forget you can still enter the Hour 42: Dinner Time challenge!

Here are MORE winners (a few extra cause there are so many prizes!):

Alex (@paperbackpiano on Instagram)

Tanya (@elemenopew on Twitter)

Anne-Marie Caulfield

Tracy Ramone

Amber Shemanski

Holly Barker

That’s it until the Hour 48 post and the end of this ‘thon. You guys got this!

Hour 42: Dinner Time!

One of the very best parts of readathon is the food (trust me on this). I am all about planning my snacks and meals in advance, and the name of the game is, ALL THE CARBS. I try to eat healthy, I promise, but then again, its winter, I don’t have to be in a swimsuit for like six months, and mac & cheese exists in the world. It’s only a problem if you say it’s a problem, right?

I say, combat the sneaking suspicion that food and books are not as closely related as you might think by dreaming up your perfect dinner party. Who would you most like to attend a bookish dinner party with? Authors (living or dead), fictional characters, anything goes. That’s your next challenge: which five bookish people (or animals, I’m not picky) would be around your perfect literary dinner table? 

Post a comment with your dinner party guest list, and I’ll pick a prize winner at our final check-in of the readathon, Hour 48 at midnight ET tonight.

Now to announce the winner of our Hour 36 #Diverseathon challenge.

Karen (@wellreadpirate on Insta)

You guys gave such great recommendations — my TBR is overflowing with them all!

We’re getting low on prizes but we’ve still got more to give away:

Emily Drake

Kris Wiley

Kristen M. (@webereading on Twitter)


Congrats and head to the Prize page now!

Hour 39: You’re a Wizard!

A reading wizard! No, but Siriusly. (How many of you are reading HP for this readathon? I bet it’s a lot!)

We’ve got just under 10 hours to go, and things are getting crazy up in here. There’s been a lot of wonderful chatter, some very hardcore reading, and participants from all over the world, some of whom are already done with their readathons.

You can still post your diverse and #ownvoices recommendations over in Hour 36 for a chance to win.

For those of you still with me, here are three more prize winners:

Heather Frase

Sarah (@saguarosally on Litsy)

Michelle Sorensen

I’ll be back in three hours with our last challenge of the ‘thon!

Hour 36: #Diverseathon & #OwnVoices

Today is the start of #Diverseathon, a week-long readathon that encourages you to read books by…you guessed it…diverse authors, particularly focusing on #ownvoice. If you’re not familiar with it, #ownvoices describes books written by authors that identify with the same marginalized group as the protagonists that they’re writing. This could include authors that identify as and are writing characters that are POCs, disabled, LGBTQ+, non-cisgender, etc.

The intention is two-fold: 1) reading #ownvoices books sends a message to the publishing community (which is traditionally, white, able-bodied, straight, and cisgender) that these books have audiences and encourage them to publish more of them, and 2) reading about characters from marginalized groups expands your own awareness of diversity and empathy, something I think we can all benefit from.

So this hour’s challenge is to post a comment with your favorite #ownvoices recommendations, or if you have a photo of your recommendations, post a comment with a link to that photo. Give your fellow readers some suggestions for diverse books, and think about joining #diverseathon this week.

Here are a selection of diverse and #ownvoices titles from my shelves:


What’s on your list? Let me know below!

The winner of our Hour 30 challenge (who not only posted a photo of rainbow books, but all books featuring LGBTQ characters too!) is:


Thanks to your amazing rainbow photos, I’m donating $78 to the Human Rights Campaign. And Jenna and Rachel are matching that amount! So the campaign will be getting $234 total. Great job, everyone!

Here are three more door prize winners, just to say thanks:

Gayan Hutchinson

Nikki Yager

Sammantha Harvey

I’ll be in Hour 39 as we start the home stretch.

Hour 33: Move It, Move It

Hey. Hey you there. I see those sleepy eyes. Why not put your book down, plug some earphones in, turn on an audiobook, and go take a walk? Seriously. It’ll help. Or if it’s too cold or snowy where you are (you Aussies, shut up, I don’t want to hear about your summer weather right now. You either, Californians), do your very best sun salutation and get the blood flowing. Go now, we’ll all still be here when you get back.

If you need some inspiration, try this:

Maybe some more door prizes will wake you up too:

Kendra (@senseofthestars on Twitter)

Amy Berson

Matisse (@Nerdy_and_geeky_looks on Instagram)

Kate (@katedensen on Litsy)

See you in three!

Hour 30: Love is Love

Good morning, fine people! It’s 6am by my watch and we’ve got a WHOLE ‘NOTHER DAY OF READING IN FRONT OF US! ISN’T IT EXCITING??

I’m super pumped (especially since Sunday is usually the day I actually get to read things). It’s a much more chill day, as readers either buckle down to try to hit 24 hours or realize they’ll probably fall short and decide to just read for the sake of reading. Whichever you are, just know that I’m super proud of you and there is no failure in spending the whole weekend reading. So keep going, turn those pages, and keep cheering each other on.

For this hour’s challenge, you’re going to help me with a little bit of activism. Take a picture of your very best rainbow book stack, and comment below with a link to your photo. For every photo, I will personally donate $1 to the Human Rights Campaign, in support of its mission of advocating for LGBTQ equality.

Just in case you need a reminder, a rainbow’s color order is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Here’s my rainbow book stack:


I’ll pick a winner for this challenge at Hour 36!

Three more prize winners:

Kayla Branson

Ann (@AnnieReads at Litsy)

Juliana Partin

Now show me your best rainbows!

Hour 27: In the Wee Small Hours

Yawn. It’s 3am and, let’s be real, I’m probably asleep (I told you guys it was just me back here). But I’m here digitally to announce four more door prize winners:

Katie (whatkatiereads on Instagram)

Sara Birmingham

Rebecca Renfrow

Jenna @ JMill Wanders

Back to bed I go, until the next challenge is announced at Hour 30.

Hour 24: Oh We’re Halfway There…

Listen, I’M not punchy, YOU’RE PUNCHY.

No, but really, how’s everyone doing? It’s the halfway mark on this ‘thon, and you guys have been reading like whoa. I’m so super impressed with the number of books you’ve been putting away. I’m trying to keep up, but there’s legit so many of you, but only one of me (I swear, it’s just one person back here). How about some prizes to make up for it?

The winners of Hour Zero’s Intro Survey prize are:

Katie Hardin

Katja Nielsen


And the winner of Hour 18’s Spine Poetry challenge is:


If you’re still up (or you’re on the other side of the world), let me know how it’s going for you? What’s the best book you’ve read so far? The worst? Any that you’re still looking forward to? Have you slept at all? And most importantly, what’s the best snack/food you’ve had?