24-Hour Prize Pack Winners Announced

It’s been just over a week since we wrapped up the July 24in48 readathon, and we’re still all heart-eyes emoji over the incredible weekend you guys took part in and helped to make wonderful.

We topped out with just over 1,900 readers, making this our most successful readathon to date (and summer ‘thons are notoriously less popular). We also started tracking the books you guys read during the readathon; you logged 2,476 books and 1,887 unique titles. Readers came from literally all over the world: we had participants from 6 continents (and now my goal is to find a reader in Antarctica to participate), with nearly 78% in North America. And nearly 44% of you were first-timers!

We got (almost) nothing but positive feedback on our push for diversity and we thank you for supporting this effort. Of the books you logged, 30% were by authors of color and more than 60% were by women. We still have work to do though; for more than 60% of logged books, participants noted that they weren’t sure about the author’s race, sexuality, neurodiversity, or disability status.

That’s all to say thanks for making this most recent readathon a resounding success.

Now for the best part! Announcing our SEVEN prize pack winners. (Here’s one more stat: 227 readers sent in proof that they’d completed a full 24 hours of reading!)

Prize Pack #1

Miriam W.

Prize Pack #2

Kelly Brady

Prize Pack #3

Erin Feinstein

Prize Pack #4

Emily Blaeser

Prize Pack #5

Devin (@devinfeyded)

International Prize Packs

Samuelle Boyer
Melanie Taddeo

Winners, expect an email from us shortly! Congrats and great job everyone, whether you finished a full 24 hours or just two and we’ll see you all back here in January.


Hour 48: That’s a Wrap!

YOU GUYS! You did it! We’ve hit the end of another fantastic 24in48 readathon. I don’t know about you but we are thoroughly exhausted and full of books. Everyone gather round for a big ole group hug. Yes, even you in the back!

Okay, fine. I respect personal boundaries. But I request the highest of fives instead:

But before we can wrap this up, we’ve got a few last pieces of business to take care of. Starting with the winners for the Hour 42 Bookends challenge:

Christina Hickey

Brittany Radomski

Amanda Salas

Meg L @megabooks

Tori Markwalder

Melissa Daunt

Shaina Wyche

Cassia Lima

Cherry (@_forevermint)

Stephanie Dawson

Angela Boersma

Carol Ellison

Bree Dumont

If you won here, go to the Prize Page and pick out your top three choices. Don’t forget to go check previous posts to see if you won a door prize or challenge task!

Don’t forget to go add all the books you read during readathon to our tracker (and go check out Goodreads to see what your fellow readathon-ers were flipping through this weekend).

Next, mark your calendars. The next round of readathon will be held on…

January 26-27, 2019

Now we’d love to know how the readathon worked for you. We added a few new elements this time, including asking you to let us know what books you read and where you’re reading from, and we’d love to know what went well and what didn’t. Your feedback helps us produce an event that’s as enjoyable for everyone as possible.

Lastly, if you managed to read a full 24 hours, you’re eligible to win a prize pack, courtesy of some of our fantastic donors. Fill out the form below to provide proof of your full 24 hours read BEFORE midnight ET on Tuesday, July 24th. We’ll announce the winners of those packs next week.

Once again, we are so thrilled you were able to join us this weekend and we hope you had an amazing couple of days full of great books, yummy snacks, and few interruptions. We’ll see you back here in January!

Hour 24: Whoa-oh-oh, We’re Halfway There

Jon Bon Jovi in 80s big hair glory spinning with a microphone

Listen, I know I’ve been making the same Bon Jovi joke for years at Hour 24. But honestly, is there any better way to mark the halfway point in the ‘thon? I think not.

How’s everyone doing now that we’re halfway through this shindig? It’s midnight on Saturday night/Sunday morning, and you are probably trying to figure out how many hours you’ve got left to hit tomorrow or you’re feeling confident about your numbers from today and thinking you can take it easy Sunday. No matter where you are, just know that Kerry, Kristen, and I are really proud of you guys and you’ve absolutely killed Day One of readathon. 

We’ve got a few challenge winners to announce before we jump into another day packed with reading! First up, the Hour Zero Intro Survey winners:


Melissa Ormond

Hallie Fields

Sarah Yarbrough

Jessica Kern

Jessica R Pies

Maggie Dodge

Naomi wilson

Zara P.

Fabulous Book Fiend

Shekenah Keith

Mary Partain

Kimberly Sherman

Next up, our challenge winners from Hour 18’s What’s on Your Nightstand? challenge:

Daniela Filipa Pereira Rosas

Cynthia Desgagné

Jill  L

Caroline Ward-Nesbit


Kelly Brady

Hallie Szott

Vi Figueroa

Inge van der Heijden

Jennifer Singh

Karin Shank

Erin Coughlin

Robyn West

If you won, go check out the prize page and make your picks. If you didn’t win here, don’t forget to go back to the posts from earlier today and check to see if you won a door prize or a challenge prize – you never know when your name might pop up!

Also just a reminder to let us know where you’re reading from here and to enter your books into the tracker as you finish them here.

Happy reading!

Hour 3: Never Too Late

We’re a short three hours into this thing and if you’re just discovering that readathon exists (um, HELLO, where have you been?), you might be wondering if it’s too late to sign up. The answer is definitely not, no way, it’s definitely not too late. In fact you can sign up and start reading pretty much all weekend and you’ll be eligible for prizes and goodies and why would you want to miss out on that? (Hint: you wouldn’t.) Sign up HERE.

Most of your U.S.-based readers are probably asleep but if you’re global (like me!), what are you starting your readathon with? What’s your readathon strategy? Personally, I like to start with a brand new book and preferably something that’s either super short or super fast so I get at least one book done quickly and I get to feel like I’ve had a productive readathon. Speaking of finishing books, don’t forget that we’re asking you to tell us what books you’re reading all weekend and where you’re reading from. We’ll be updating our shiny new Goodreads profile with all your books this weekend if you want to track what your fellow readathon-ers’ are reading. 

We’ll have your first challenge up in 3 hours at Hour 6, but if you haven’t yet done the intro survey, don’t forget to head over to the Hour Zero post and fill that out.

But I wouldn’t leave you without at least a few door prize winners to kick things off right.

Kimberly Eisner
Erin Abernathy
Jess P
Michael C. Steffens
Cynthia Jacobs
Elizabeth @elizabetheadams
Amy Batkins

If you won, go make your pick on the prize page, and if you didn’t, stay tuned all weekend for more winners. We’ll be drawing random names all readathon and hosting challenges so you’ll have lots of chances to win.

Okay, I think that’s it. I’ll be popping in on all the social media and bouncing up and down, waiting for Kristen and Kerry to wake up and get our readathon squee on together.

(We are not collectively that coordinated, I promise.)

Hour Zero: Welcome to the July ’18 #24in48 Readathon!

It is midnight (well, 12:01am) and this is Rachel here to kick this thing off with a bang! There are so many readers chomping at the bit to get readathoning so without further ado, let’s gif this up and get moving.

Gif of Sister Act nuns dancing

(That’s totes me right now. Kristen and Kerry are pretending not to know me.) (Actually Kristen and Kerry are sleeping peacefully on the east coast. I’m coming to you from Dubai again.)

Now that we’ve appropriately welcomed one of the two best weekends of the year, we’ll go through some of the basics of the weekend. First of all, you’ll be able to catch me, Kristen, and Kerry posting here and on social media all weekend. We’ll be taking turns on the official social handles — TwitterInstagramFacebook, and Litsy (@24in48) — and the official hashtag #24in48.

We’re also introducing a new feature to track the books you’re reading this weekend and your geographic location. Let us know where you’re reading from here, and track your books as you finish them here! Also, new this year, we’ll also be logging your books in Goodreads, as well as tracking your three hosts’ TBRs and recommendations.

Additionally, we introduced a PayPal Donate button to help cover the costs of international prizes, which allows us to include many more of your fellow global participants in the prize giving. We’ve gotten a few donations so far this year, but the more we get, the more prizes we can offer. Click on the button in the sidebar or go to this link to be taken to our donation page. 100% of your donations (minus PayPal’s fees) will go toward helping your fellow participants who are not US-based the chance to win prizes. As more donations come in throughout the weekend, we’ll add to the prize page so as many people as possible can win. Thank you to all of you that have already contributed.

Now, for the meat of the readathon (finally! I know, right?) It is midnight ET according to the official time clock and we’ll be posting updates every three hours until we wrap this thing up on Sunday night at midnight ET. It is definitely not too late to sign up, which you can do here, and you should sign up whether you think you’ll hit 24 hours of reading or not. You’ll have the chance to win prizes just for participating, as well as in challenges that will be posted here throughout the course of the weekend. (Click the Follow button at the bottom of the screen to be emailed every time we post a new update here.)

Just as we did in January, you’ll be asked to fill out a Google form to enter challenges. Challenge entries only added in the comments will not count toward prize eligibility. (Speaking of prizes, have you seen the prize list for this round?)

For more tips and instructions, check out our post on how to readathon.

Let’s start with the Intro Survey — fill out the form below to enter and check out your fellow participants’ answers in the spreadsheet below the form. You’ve got until Hour 24 to enter to win.

Announcing July ’18 Prize Packs

As we’re finishing all the preparations for this weekend’s readathon, we can’t forget to let you know what you have a chance to win should you successfully read for a full 24 hours. Our fantastic prize sponsors have come through again and given us an abundance of riches to pass along to you all.

In order to be eligible for one of these prize packs, you must:

  1. Sign up officially using your name, a valid email, and a URL/username for the platforms you’ll be updating during the ‘thon. (If you need to edit your response to include an actual link or username, you can do so by following the confirmation link you received when you signed up.)
  2. Be active on those platforms during the readathon.
  3. Use some method of tracking your time. This can include your phone’s stopwatch function or a digital stopwatch (preferred) or a written time tracker, but your 24 hours must be clearly recorded. (If you need a digital stopwatch, Google “stopwatch.”) *Pro-tip: take a screenshot of your stopwatch every time you pause it, just in case you accidentally reset it instead of restarting it.*
  4. In the post that goes up at the end of the readathon, you’ll be able to submit your info and proof of 24 hours of reading. You’ll also be asked to note whether you’re US-based or international.
    You’ll have until midnight ET on July 24th to submit this proof, after which the form will be closed.

Obviously, your proof is on the honor system and, while we’re thrilled to be able to offer these prize packages, please don’t abuse it.

Also, please don’t forget your internationally-based brethren and donate if you can.

Okay! Now for the fun part:

For US-Based Winners:

Prize Pack #1: Banned Books Pack

  • Banned Books tote, mug, & socks, courtesy of Out of Print
  • George by Alex Gino
  • The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas
  • Native Son by Richard Wright

Prize Pack #2: Library Card Pack

Prize Pack #3:

Prize Pack #4:

Prize Pack #5:

For International Winners:

International Prize Pack #1: $50 Amazon, Wordery, or Book Depository Gift Card (depending on your country/shipping options)

International Prize Pack #2: $50 Amazon, Wordery, or Book Depository Gift Card (depending on your country/shipping options)

But you can’t win if you don’t sign up! So scurry over and get on that, people! And we’ll see you right back here for readathon-ing this weekend.

July 2018 #24in48 Readathon Sign-ups are Here!

Happy summer reading season, friends! We are back with another #24in48 readathon on July 21-22, 2018 and we cannot wait for you to join us. Back in January, we welcomed close to 1,900 readers and we hope each and every one of you comes back for an excellent weekend of reading.

It’s a perfect way to hang out in a hammock (if it’s not too hot where you are) or chill in the A/C with a stack of great books. However you choose, we hope you’ll spend your weekend reading with us and your 2,000 closest friends.

If you’re new to 24in48, this is the basic gist: beginning at 12:01am on Saturday morning and running through 11:59pm on Sunday night, participants read for 24 hours out of that 48-hour period. You can split that up however you’d like: 20 hours on Saturday, four hours on Sunday; 12 hours each day; six four-hour sessions with four hour breaks in between, whatever you’d like.

And that’s it. The format never changes but it’s always an adventure.

Have more questions? There’s an FAQ page for that. Also, just as we did in January, we’re still accepting donations to help us send more prizes out to international winners through the PayPal donate button on the sidebar. And if you’d like to donate prizes directly, send us an email at 24in48readathonofficial@gmail.com.

Ready to join? Fill out the form below (or if you’re having trouble, click through here) and feel free to list any and all of the places you’ll be hanging out online during the ‘thon. Check out who else is participating. If your entry doesn’t immediately pop in to the spreadsheet, give it a few minutes to populate.

And you can follow the readathon in all the normal places. We’re on TwitterInstagramFacebook, and Litsy (@24in48) and you can use the official hashtag #24in48 everywhere to keep up with your fellow readathon-ers.