Announcing the February 2021 #24in48 Readathon

Dear Readathoners,

What a long, strange year it has been. We never anticipated when we hosted the Social Distancing readathon back in March that we’d basically be in the exact same position (some better, some worse) nearly a year later. But we find ourselves—as hosts, as readers, as friends—missing this community and knowing with ever more certainty that finding solace in each other is how we survive.

We also recognize that our reasons for canceling last summer’s readathon in July are as important and relevant as ever (if not more so, since we must not only practice anti-racism when everyone is watching, but all the time, constantly and consistently).

Our reasons for canceling last January’s readathon have also not changed; our lives have not gotten any less complicated or busy and our capacity to put in the kind of work that previous iterations of this event required have not increased.

So. Where does that leave us? As you might have guessed from the title of this post, we’ll back with 24in48 on

February 6-7, 2021

It’s going to look differently from traditional readathons of the past. We had to reset and acknowledge that we couldn’t commit to providing the kind of intense and involved event we used to host, but that we do want to continue doing 24in48 events. This community is too generous, too fantastic, too supportive to ditch these readathons forever. How can we possibly stay away?

gif of Kamala Harris dancing in the rain on a stage, holding an umbrella

We loved hosting the Social Distancing readathon in March, and with the changing operations of publishing (and frankly, mail service), it makes sense for us to pivot into an event focused less on prizes and more on what it was always meant to be about: Reading. For a whole weekend. Together (virtually).

As per normal, we’ll begin ‘thoning at 12:01 AM ET on Saturday, February 6th and run through 11:59PM ET on Sunday, February 7th. You are welcome to shoot for 24 hours, but we won’t be asking for proof in a check-in for prizes at the end. Our goal (for you and for ourselves) is to spend some dedicated time hunkered down in a book.

We’ll be checking in here and on social media (mostly Instagram and Twitter, with automatic Facebook pushes) every 12 hours. We won’t be checking in on Facebook or Litsy, but we encourage you to use your favorite platform to keep up with your community. We encourage everyone to use the #24in48 hashtag to connect with each other.

As we discussed in our post canceling the July 2020 readathon, one of the ways we as white women can encourage diversity in publishing is to encourage you as participants to read intentionally and choose BIPOC authors, and LGBTQ+, disabled, and neurodiverse authors (and any/all intersections of those you can find). We’ll still be asking you to log the books you read during the readathon on a Google form so we can spin through both the fun parts of the data (how many books we all read over the weekend) and identify where we need to improve (how diverse we read, but we won’t be logging those books in Goodreads.

Lastly, one of the pieces of feedback we’ve gotten consistently at the end of each readathon weekend is the desire for a group read during the #24in48 events. With that in mind, we’ll be introducing two group reads, one fiction and one nonfiction, that we can all read together over the weekend. Our picks intentionally champion voices, experiences, and perspectives other than our own. Stay tuned here for the announcement of our group read titles this Wednesday, January 6th.

In the meantime, you can sign up to participate here and follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and we’ll use the hashtag #24in48 all weekend. See you there!

gif of flickering fire in the background, person holding book in the foreground

Rachel, Kristen, and Kerry

Hour 48: Just the Beginning

We’ve hit the end of our Social Distancing #StayHome24in48 Readathon and Kerry, Kristen, and I are truly astonished by the outpouring of participation this weekend. Though we never looked at numbers during this weekend, I snuck a peek at the sign-up sheet and nearly 2,000 of you beautiful humans decided to spend this weekend staying home, social distancing, and reading with all your friends online.

It’s becoming clear that this pandemic and the ways in which it will alter our day-to-day and longterm lives has only just begun and will likely last months, if not years. The ways in which we’ll be best able to cope with this upheaval and impending tragedy (because it already is and will be tragic) is by remembering what we as readers have always known: hope is just a turn of a page away, fellow readers make the best support system, and a good book allows us to escape from reality, if only for a little while.

Thank you all for joining us this weekend, despite the lack of prizes or challenges or much real structure at all. Your hosts all got in some much-needed reading too (which we rarely get to do during these weekends) and thought a lot about what future iterations of 24in48 could look like. Because it also seems clear that we’re just at the beginning of this thing and readathons may be more necessary than ever to remind us all that we’re never alone. Even when we’re staying 6 ft. apart.

We will absolutely be back in some simpler form, likely somewhere on the continuum between what we did this weekend and our normal format. Subscribe to posts here, or follow us on Twitter or Instagram to be notified when we make an announcement. Much of scheduling and planning will depend on how this virus impacts not only us personally but the publishing industry, the mail system, etc. Stay tuned for more details.

The three of us are sending love and good health out to all of you and your families. We will get through this together.

Happy Reading!


Hour 12: Read Together…Separately


We’re 12 hours in to this #StayHome24in48 and I hope everyone is finding their groove and managing to not keep checking their phone every two minutes.

As we hosts are settling in for the weekend, we’ve been reminded again and again that this community of readers is the heart and soul of these events. Not the prizes, the challenges, tracking your time…none of it compares to the fellow readathon-ers reading together.

Internet hugs only! Social distancing rules apply.

Are you doing any reading check-ins with other participants? Might we suggest a Zoom call or a Hangout call with friends who are also participating and reading together? Or how about reading out loud with your fellow readathon-ers, family members or kids?

Tell us how it’s going for you down in the comments. Are you reading with anyone else? Have you been able to escape into your books or are you having trouble focusing? You guys are doing so great and we love reading with all of you again!

Hour Zero: Social Distancing #24in48 Readathon

Helloooo Readers!

While this is not exactly the situation in which we’d hoped to be back with you, we are happy to be able to gather our little community together and maybe spend a few days curled up with a book (or eight) and not leaving the house. More and more of us are under lockdown or shelter-in-place rules, and while we stay in our houses, we welcome you to social distance, stay home, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and read.

giphy (3).gif

The guidelines for this #24in48 weekend are going to be a bit different than normal. We’re not doing prizes or challenges. Check-ins will happen every 12 hours here and every six hours on Twitter and Instagram (Facebook will receive automatic pushes, but we won’t be checking in there and Litsy will not be updated at all for this round. However, we encourage you to use your favorite platform to keep up with your community). And no logging titles on Goodreads.

The ‘thon will run as normal from 12:01am EDT Saturday, March 21st (oh hai, that’s now!) to 11:59pm EDT Sunday, March 22nd. You are welcome to shoot for 24 hours, but we won’t be asking for proof in a check-in for prizes at the end. Our only goal (yes, your hosts too) is to spend some time escaping from the world and getting lost in a book. We will be reading all weekend as well (hence the scaled down check-ins and backend work), and we want to encourage everyone to use the #StayHome24in48 hashtag to connect with each other.

Especially if you’re having trouble focusing on books. I know very few people who aren’t struggling with concentrating – on anything, let alone a book – so be patient with yourselves if the pages just aren’t turning. Even if you easily hit 24 hours (and even if you didn’t) in previous readathons, don’t be surprised if you struggle this time around.

Sleep, take walks (but practice good social distancing; stay 6 ft apart from people not in your household) and listen to audiobooks, stretch, eat good food, and stay cozy, friend.

giphy (2).gif

We’ll see you back here in 12 hours at noon EDT. We’re so happy to see you and to be back with this incredible community.

An Update: January’s Readathon

Hello and happy fall, readathoners!

Your founder and co-host Rachel here with an update for January’s scheduled readathon.

I started #24in48 in 2011 as a small (literally I think there was a dozen of us) online reading weekend.  As you know if you’ve been participating in #24in48 for the last year or so, the biannual event has grown significantly every January and July and the growth has been exponential, particularly over the last three readathon weekends. This past July we topped 3,000 participants. Kristen, Kerry, and I are so thrilled that so many of you join us year after year and pull your friends and family and fellow readers into this amazing community. And as that community grows, the more demanding and logistically complicated the readathon gets, particularly if we want to continue to serve you as readers and participants the best we can.

Kristen and Kerry joined me to help manage and host, which helped us continue to grow and evolve. We’ve been experimenting with ways to make participating more fun and engaging AND with making it easier for us to continue to put on this event twice a year. Unfortunately, our lives have also gotten more complicated and our ability to run the readathon the way we want (and the way you deserve) is no longer possible.

What this means for now is that we’re going to be canceling the Jan. 18-19, 2020 readathon. (I know, sad faces all around).

The three of us will reconvene in the spring to determine if we’ll be moving forward with future readathons, and if so, what form those will take. Stayed tuned and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, or subscribe to posts here to be notified when we make an announcement.

We have loved hosting the ‘thon for you guys and we thank all of you (and especially our publishing partners) for your support.

t hanks

Happy reading,

Rachel (and Kristen and Kerry)

July 2019 #24in48 Prize Pack Winners

Holy moly, readathoners! Can you believe another ‘thon has come and gone? We’re so amazed by the incredible turnout last weekend – nearly 2,500 of you signed up and showed up for the readathon, which is particularly astounding since the summer 24in48 is notoriously smaller than our winter event. But you guys blew past our previous July event records without even blinking.

And if that weren’t enough, 235 of you submitted proof of having read 24+ hours (and I do mean + – some readers clocked well over the 24-hour goal over the course of the weekend). Thank goodness we had more prize packs than ever to give away this time.

So without further ado, let’s give away some prize packs. (As a reminder, here’s what’s in each of these packs.)

US-Based Winners

Prize Pack #1

Carmen Malcolm

Prize Pack #2

Maggie Dodge

Prize Pack #3

Caryn Livingston

Prize Pack #4

Jenny Cordier

Prize Pack #5

Susan (@yetanothersusan)

Prize Pack #6

Kristen Stromberg

Prize Pack #7

Andrea Eastman

International Winners

Prize Pack #1

Ioana Sulica

Prize Pack #2

Carmen (TheReadingTrashQueen)

Congrats to all our winners and to everyone that finished a full 24 hours of reading! And congrats to all of you that participated, whether you hit 24 hours or not. Winners, expect an email from us shortly.

If you won another prize during the readathon last week, we are in the process of working through all of your entries and will be processing those soon. Please be patient as it takes a little while to get all your mailing addresses sent over to our publishing partners and/or your prizes packaged up and sent out (depending on what you won).

Thank you again to everyone that joined us last weekend for another great #24in48. We had the best time and hope you did too.

Hour 48: It’s The End.

Amazing. You guys are absolutely amazing. We’ve hit the end of this round of #24in48 and are still counting up all the posts and comments and prize entries and emojis and gifs you all shared this weekend but suffice to say it was a successful weekend all around.

Whether you hit 24 hours or not, we all spent a little more time with our nose in a book and isn’t that the best way to spend a weekend?

We have some winners to announce from the Hour 42 Your Favorite One Challenge. If you see your name below, keep an eye out for an email from us to claim your prize! :

Lauren (the_peachy_reader)Ioana Sulica
heidi leaRaquel Evans
Suzanne WigginsJacqulene Brandt
Ryan A. FranklinEmily Blaeser
Julianne NaumChristina Hickey
Tamara CotziasBex (bexlibris)
Karin ShankSarah Whitely
Dwayna PaplowMiciella Bishop

Don’t forget that you can still log any books you finish here.

Next, to announce the date of our next 24in48 readathon! Join us on:

📚January 18-19, 2020📚

We made some changes and added some features for this round of 24in48 and we’d love to know how this readathon went for you. Did you like the new challenge set up? Were you able to catch one of the Instagram Lives with your hosts? Tell us all that and more by filling out the Closing Survey here or in the embedded form below.

Lastly, if you managed to read a full 24 hours, you’re eligible to win a prize pack (announced here), courtesy of some of our fantastic donors. Fill out the form here or embedded below to provide proof of your full 24 hours read BEFORE midnight ET on Wednesday, July 24th. We’ll announce the winners of those packs next week. (Don’t forget that you must include a link directly to the proof post, not to your profile or to a story that will disappear).

Once again, we are so thrilled you were able to join us this weekend and we hope you had an amazing couple of days full of great books, yummy snacks, and few interruptions. We’ll see you back here in January! Now we’re gonna go pass out for 12 hours.

Hour 24: Halfway There

(Don’t make a Bon Jovi joke, don’t make a Bon Jovi joke…)

OMG you guys are kicking ass! Taking names! Chewing gum! Turning pages! By the official time clock, we have just hit the halfway mark in this readathon and I’m just so impressed with the amount of hours and books and comics and audiobooks you’re all tearing through. Even if you have no hope of hitting 24 hours, you’re doing an incredible job setting aside quality reading time. And really that’s all that matters.

WHILE YOU’RE HERE, let me remind you: WE’RE GOING LIVE ON INSTAGRAM AGAIN at Hour 29; this time we’re focusing on our International readers! Join Rachel at 5am EST, 11am CEST for book talk, golden retrievers, the Italian countryside, and more of us not knowing what we’re doing.

The best way to mark this midway milestone and the end of Day 1 of 24in48 is obviously with some prizes. Hour 18 winners, your time is now.

If you see your name below, keep an eye out for an email from us to claim your prize! 

Elley MurrayStephanie CarderMemory Scarlett
Mackenzie JonesRebecca SimoninAlex Klein
Melissa OrmondJulia G (julesg)Robin Taylor
Marisa GothieStephanie AurelioAmanda Beverly
Kimberly “Book Queen” ShermanCandice Zablan

Don’t forget to log any books you finish here, and to interact with your fellow readers using the hashtag #24in48.

If you’re heading to bed or heading for more coffee or if you’re like me and it’s the beginning of a brand new Day 2, be good to yourself and have an amazing second half of the readathon.

Because we are…

after all…

halfway there…

Jon Bon Jovi in 80s big hair glory spinning with a microphone

I couldn’t help myself. Sorrynotsorry.

Hour Zero: Welcome to the July 2019 #24in48 Readathon!

We made it! You did it! It’s here! A full weekend dedicated to nothing but reading. (And sleeping and eating and maybe a little bit of hammock time if you’re lucky?)

By the official readathon clock, it’s 12:01AM ET on Saturday morning and this party doesn’t stop until midnight tomorrow. And like any good party, there will be lots of good company, good snacks, and excellent entertainment.

If this is your first 24in48, welcome! We’re so happy you’re here. If you’re coming back for 2nd or 3rd or 7th or 8th round, it’s great to see you again.

Your hosts (that’s me, Rachel, and Kristen and Kerry) have made a few changes for this readathon (more about that in a minute), but the basics are the same. The three of us (plus a few helpers who you can find here and here) will be posting throughout the weekend, here and all over social media. We’ll be taking turns on the official social handles — TwitterInstagramFacebook, and Litsy — and keeping track of the official hashtag #24in48.

We’ve also scheduled two (COUNT ‘EM, TWO) Instagram Lives during the readathon, one at Hour 10 with Kristen and one at Hour 27 with me, Rachel, for those international readers. So make sure you mark those times on your calendars (we’ll be sure to remind you throughout this weekend too) and join us for all the fun readathon-y goodness).

We’re bringing back book tracking where you can log all the books you’ve read during the whole readathon weekend. As you finish a book, enter it HERE and we’ll be adding those to Goodreads throughout the readathon. (Please be patient if you don’t see your books on Goodreads immediately; it’s a manual process for your hosts.) You can also check out your hosts’ TBRs and recommendations.

Plus! If you haven’t gotten your #24in48 merch yet, what are you waiting for? We’ve got tons of swag, including coffee mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, totes and more, in our classic design AND a special limited edition summer readathon design. Pick up your 24in48 stuff HERE or click on the baseball tee in the sidebar (everything’s on sale throughout the weekend). All commissions we make go right back into to the running of the readathon, including helping us ship prizes out to you lovely readers.

Additionally, don’t forget about our PayPal Donate button to help cover the costs of international prizes, which allows us to include many more of your fellow global participants in the prize giving. We’ve gotten a few donations so far this year, but the more we get, the more prizes we can offer. Click on the button in the sidebar or go to this link to be taken to our donation page. 100% of your donations (minus PayPal’s fees) will go toward helping your fellow participants who are not US-based the chance to win prizes.

And speaking of prizes, we’re changing up our prize process this year. We’ve spent some time looking at your feedback from past ‘thons, trying to figure out to simplify the giveaway process, and decided to make some adjustments. Rather than posting a giant list of prizes that you can choose from, we’re telling you right up front which books or prizes are up for grabs for each challenge. You’ll have a chance to win a specific title so if you’re particularly interested in something, you’ll have a better opportunity to enter for it. When you win a prize, we’ll send you an email with a form to enter your mailing information and your prize will be sent directly to you. As with any new thing, there will be some kinks to work out so if you have recommendations for next time, make sure you fill out our closing survey at Hour 48 to let us know how we can improve.

Okay! Now that we’ve covered the administrative shenanigans, let’s get into some readathon-ing. Starting now at midnight EST, we’ll be posting updates every three hours until we put this ship of fun to sleep on Sunday night at midnight. It’s not too late to sign up (and you still have plenty of time to drag your friends and family in as well), which you can do here. Even if you don’t think you’ll hit 24 hours of reading, you should still absolutely sign up. Only a tiny fraction of participants do a full 24 hours but everyone that signs up and participates is entered to win door prizes and can complete challenges throughout the weekend for additional prize entries. Don’t forget: the goal is not to hit a target time, but just to spend the weekend dedicated to reading. (Click the Follow button at the bottom of the screen to be emailed every time we post a new update here.)

For more tips and instructions, check out our post on how to readathon and the FAQ page.

Now, let’s kick this thing off with our intro survey. Introduce yourself by fill out the form below, then check out your fellow readers’ answers in the spreadsheet below.

Announcing July 2019 Prize Packs

We are SO SO SO CLOSE to this weekend’s #24in48 readathon, but we’ve still got a few more announcements up our sleeves. Namely, our prize packs! These are amazing prizes for participants who read for a full 24 hours during the ‘thon – more and more of you are hitting that milestone and we couldn’t be more happy to give more of you the opportunity to win goodies. (Don’t forget, whether you read for 24+ hours or 2 hours, you’re doing the damn thing and setting aside the time to spend with books, and that’s the most important thing.)

gimme gif

Because of our incredibly generous donors, we’re going to be able to offer SEVEN prize packs for US-based winners and two for international winners.

In order to be eligible for one of these prize packs, you must:

  1. Sign up officially using your name, a valid email, and a URL/username for the platforms you’ll be updating during the ‘thon. (If you need to edit your response to include an actual link or username, you can do so by following the confirmation link you received when you signed up.)
  2. Be active on those platforms during the readathon.
  3. Use some method of tracking your time. This can include your phone’s stopwatch function or a digital stopwatch (preferred) or a written time tracker, but your 24 hours must be clearly recorded. (If you need a digital stopwatch, Google “stopwatch.”) *Pro-tip: take a screenshot of your stopwatch every time you pause it, just in case you accidentally reset it instead of restarting it.*
  4. In the post that goes up at the end of the readathon, you’ll be able to submit your info and proof of 24 hours of reading. You’ll also be asked to note whether you’re US-based or international.
  5. You’ll have until midnight ET on July 24th to submit this proof, after which the form will be closed.

Obviously, your proof is on the honor system and, while we’re thrilled to be able to offer these prize packages, please don’t abuse it.

Also, please don’t forget your internationally-based brethren and donate if you can.

Now for the prize packs!

For U.S.-Based Readers:

Prize Pack #1
One Fiction Box from Call Number
Velocireader Dolman Shirt (Out of Print)
TBR socks (Out of Print)
Jane Austen Tea Mug (Obvious State)
Elizabeth Barrett Browning Tote (Obvious State)
Rumi Journal (Obvious State)

Prize Pack #2
One Nonfiction Box from
Call Number
Velocireader Dolman Shirt (Out of Print)
TBR socks (Out of Print)
T.S. Eliot Spoons Mug (Obvious State)
Emily Dickinson Tote (Obvious State)
Sappho Journal (Obvious State)

Prize Pack #3
3 month subscription from
Feminist Book Box
Velocireader Dolman Shirt (Out of Print)
Jane Austen Tote (Obvious State)
Sappho Journal (Obvious State)

Prize Pack #4
Gift card for
one Litographs poster (up to size 24×36″) 
Velocireader Dolman Shirt (Out of Print)
TBR socks (Out of Print)
Jane Austen Tea Mug (Obvious State)
Shakespeare Journal (Obvious State)

Prize Pack #5
Velocireader Dolman Shirt (Out of Print)
TBR socks (Out of Print)
Hearth & Hammer Literary Travel Tin Trio 
T.S. Eliot Spoons Mug (Obvious State)
Elizabeth Barrett Browning Tote (Obvious State)
Shakespeare Journal (Obvious State)

Prize Pack #6
Velocireader Dolman Shirt (Out of Print)
TBR socks (Out of Print)
T.S. Eliot Spoons Mug (Obvious State)
Emily Dickinson Tote (Obvious State)
Hearth & Hammer Literary Travel Tin Trio 
Rumi Journal (Obvious State)

Prize Pack #7
One Standard Books and Baths Co. Box 
Jane Austen Tea Mug (Obvious State)
Jane Austen Tote (Obvious State)
TBR socks (Out of Print)
Hearth & Hammer Literary Travel Tin Trio

For International Readers:

Prize Pack #8
US$25 gift card to Amazon, Book Depository, or Wordery
Book Nerd Tote Bag
Go Away I’m Reading Mug

Prize Pack #9
US$25 gift card to Amazon, Book Depository, or Wordery
Read Like A Girl Tote Bag
Book Lover Mug
Nessie Tale Bookmark

But you can’t win if you don’t sign up! So scurry over and get on that, people! And we’ll see you right back here for readathon-ing this weekend.