Hour Six Check-In

This is a guest post from Kristen, who is covering early morning duty. 

Welcome to 6AM on a Saturday! The best thing about this first check-in is that there isn’t much math involved. I don’t have to take a significant amount of time to count how long it’s been, how many pages I’ve read, or how may bowls of snacks I’ve gone through because we are just getting started!

If you’re just waking up, Hi! Welcome! You get a gold star for being here! If you’re off to take a nap, don’t sleep for too long…and you also get a gold star for starting right at midnight and lasting this long (the Red Bull kept you going, didn’t it? The first one is always the best.).

Now seems like a good time, whatever your status, to take a break. Walk the dog, make a fresh pot of coffee, steep those tea bags, and take some deep breaths to get your brain juices flowing. We have SO much reading to do, friends! As you finish and start to settle back in with your next read, consider popping over to your social media / blog /vlog platform of choice and checking in! Search the hashtag and do some catching up, maybe give out a few comments and favorites to wake your fellow readers up before you dive back into your own pages. Remember to turn them quietly, though, so you don’t wake up everyone else around you. The rest of the world remains asleep (lame) while we valiant readers carry on.

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