Prep for #24in48: Reading for Charity

The number of readers just keeps on growing, and I am continuously impressed by how many of you are joining in and excited about this weekend. We are so freakin’ close! Just 12 hours until this thing kicks off, and since there are so many of you (333 at the time of this writing), I wanted to mention that several readers take this opportunity to dedicate their readathon time to charity.

What does that mean exactly? Well, it can mean anything you’d like, if you’re up for participating. Some readers donate a penny or a nickel per page they read or $10 a book. Or some readers donate one book from their personal library for every book they read. Or if you don’t have money or books to donate, you can always donate time. For every book, donate an hour of your time.

Who are you donating to? Again, that’s up to you. Last year, I found a great local adult literacy organization and donated to them. If you want to donate time, finding an organization that helps children or adults learn to read is great or reading to residents at senior centers.

Okay so it’s not quite so dramatic as that, but volunteering or donating money during your readathon is a fantastic way to give back and not feel quite so guilty for spending an entire weekend reading.

Are you reading for charity this weekend? Tell me about it!

3 thoughts on “Prep for #24in48: Reading for Charity

  1. Jan Thomas says:

    I am sending a box of books to Books for Prisoners in Northern California…after the Readathon. Thanks for this event – so looking forward to it.


  2. I am planning to donate the physical books I will read in the Marathon to the public library in my town. Except one. It may not sound too much for some…. But It may mean to those who will read them after


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