Hour 24 – Halfway Point

We are halfway there! I’m so impressed with you guys. It’s been an incredible first day and I’ve been having so much fun watching the #24in48 tag on Twitter and Instagram (and omg, you BookTubers have been killing it!). I’m almost having too much fun talking to ‘thoners – I’m losing valuable reading time myself.

I do have a winner to announce from the Hour 18 – Armchair Traveling challenge, but can I just say how fantastic all of your literary vacations sound? As soon as time traveling is a thing, I’m definitely doing all (okay…most) of these. But there can only be one winner and that winner is:

Kacie from A Bumble in Books

Since it’s late night on the east coast, no new challenge for you, but good luck to everyone still awake and pushing through (or you sneaky Aussies who are nearly done). I’m heading to bed for a few hours, and I’ll see you again in six hours at 6am.

2 thoughts on “Hour 24 – Halfway Point

  1. Kelly Bennett says:

    Just officially finishing….

    Biography of Anne Sexton – half completed (172 pages) Outline by Rachel Cusk – FINISHED Bird Box by Josh Malerman – FINISHED The Sandman by Lars Kepler – started (97 pages)

    TIME = 24hrs.

    Thank you for organising. Loved the updates…looking forward to the next one.

    Cashless Bogan Australia

    Sent from my iPad



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