Hour 33: Move It, Move It

Hey. Hey you there. I see those sleepy eyes. Why not put your book down, plug some earphones in, turn on an audiobook, and go take a walk? Seriously. It’ll help. Or if it’s too cold or snowy where you are (you Aussies, shut up, I don’t want to hear about your summer weather right now. You either, Californians), do your very best sun salutation and get the blood flowing. Go now, we’ll all still be here when you get back.

If you need some inspiration, try this:

Maybe some more door prizes will wake you up too:

Kendra (@senseofthestars on Twitter)

Amy Berson

Matisse (@Nerdy_and_geeky_looks on Instagram)

Kate (@katedensen on Litsy)

See you in three!

8 thoughts on “Hour 33: Move It, Move It

  1. kidkelly2016 says:

    I took a break to vacuum the house. With the sun shining in the window by my favorite reading chair, I was getting drowsy. Now to make some tea and settle back in to reading 🙂


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