Hour 45: Almost There!

You guys are champions! We’ve got three hours left until we put this thing officially to bed, and this is a super fast reminder that if your name has been announced as a prize winner and you haven’t yet done so, head over to the Prizes page, pick your poison, and fill out the form. This is the ONLY way I’ll be able to get your prize to you, so do it now. And if you’ve hit the 24-hour mark or think you’re going to, don’t forget that you’ll need to save and provide proof of your time in the Hour 48 post after this thing is all over and you’ll only have two days to do so.

Time for the last door prize winners of the readathon, and one more shout out to all of our amazing prize donors for providing such great giveaways. Give them a thanks if you can! It wouldn’t be possible without them.

Don’t forget you can still enter the Hour 42: Dinner Time challenge!

Here are MORE winners (a few extra cause there are so many prizes!):

Alex (@paperbackpiano on Instagram)

Tanya (@elemenopew on Twitter)

Anne-Marie Caulfield

Tracy Ramone

Amber Shemanski

Holly Barker

That’s it until the Hour 48 post and the end of this ‘thon. You guys got this!

7 thoughts on “Hour 45: Almost There!

  1. CameG says:

    I’m quite curious about the ‘proof’ that’s needed to show that I’ve reached the 24 hour mark… I’ve signed all the starting and ending time of my reading sessions and I’ve added up those… will it be okay?

    Thank you! ♡ and thanks for the readathon, it was really fun and I’ll be sure to try and be there for the next, too ♡


    • Rachel says:

      You’ll need to be able to submit a photo showing either a stopwatch or a written tracker that shows you read for 24 hours. I can’t completely gauge whether what you’ve got is sufficient until I see it. You’ll be able to submit it on the Hour 48 post though.


  2. Melissa says:

    I made it 7 hours and 9 minutes! I thought I would have gotten more done but I’m happy with the reading I did do. Congrats to everyone who got the whole 24 hours in!

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