Hour Six: Snap a Shelfie

If you’re following the official time clock it is 6am, which means you’re either still asleep (hashtagreadathonforpeoplewholiketosleep) or you’re getting an early start on your reading goals for the weekend. Are you caffeinated yet? We’re still in early hours of the readathon, so don’t forget to pace yourself and, most importantly, knock out an easy book first so you feel productive and not discouraged for the rest of the weekend.

I’m starting the day with our first challenge of the weekend, and it’s an easy one: show me your shelfie! Technically a shelfie is supposed to be a selfie in front of your bookshelves, but if you want to play fast and loose with the definition, a picture of your shelves will do ;). Snap a picture of yourself in front of your bookshelf (or shelves) and post it online. Leave a comment with a link to that photo (follow these tips for more specific instructions on how to do that) and we’ll draw a winner at Hour 12.

But first, how about a few more random prize winners?

CoCo (on Litsy @cocomass)
Erin (on Instagram @E_calderman)
Jennifer Fontana (on Twitter @JennJenn1227)
Pia Lihme Petersen (on Instagram @pialihme)
Chelle Rydzanich (on Litsy @MaleficentBookDragon)
Jessica Schnebelt (@onlaughterandliteracy)
Alyssa Twitter  (@LiteratiGeek)
Victoria Rodgers (on Instagram @mrstorikim)

If your name is listed above, go pick out your top three prize choices on the Prize page.

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