Hour 45: Yew Kan Dew Eet!

ou’re so close to the finish line, guys! Can you smell it? That’s the smell of success (unless you didn’t take a shower today… then maybe that smell is you….)

A super quick reminder to double-check all the previous posts to see if your name has been announced as a prize winner this weekend. If it has, you’ll need to go hit up the Prize page and make your selections. And if you’ve hit the 24-hour mark or think you’re going to, don’t forget that you’ll need to record proof of your time in the Hour 48 post after this thing is all over and you’ll only have two days to do so.

And don’t forget you’ve got three more hours to enter the Hour 42 Literary Dinner Party Challenge.

Time for the last door prize winners of the readathon, and one more shout out to all of our amazing prize sponsors for providing such great giveaways. Give them a thanks when you can! This wouldn’t be possible without them.

Heather Gorman (@heather_ogorman on Twitter)

Deborah (@beatccr on Twitter)

Michelle (@gruxita on Twitter)

Sarah (@Sarrie on Litsy)

Shona Lawrence (@anovelobsession on Litsy)

Rebecca (@rebeccamc_00 on Twitter)

Jana Christensen (@jananzareads on Instagram)

Danielle C (@perseph0neinnana on Instagram)

Three hours to go, kids! You got this!

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