Hour 27: Insert Yawn Here

It’s the early, early morning hours on the readathon time clock, but we are still moving and grooving all over the world. As I mentioned, early in the ‘thon, I’m normally the only one behind the scenes for 24in48, which means that there are many hours here where nobody is manning battle stations. But because of the magic of pre-scheduled content and alarm clocks every three hours, I was able to squeeze by. Now that I work on the other side of the world from the official readathon time zone, you’ve got someone here 24/7 keeping the lights on.

Here’s a few more random door prize winners if you’re still awake slash in the middle of your day like me.


Jenni Sweeney (@NeeSwee on Litsy)

Amanda (@Amandajoy on Litsy)

Tana (@pageta23 on Instagram)

Sumaiyya (@sumaiyya_ on Twitter)

Karen Eisenbraun (@HaveANamaste on Litsy)

Sabella Dunne (Sabelladunne.tumblr.com)

Sharlize dsouza (@intellectual_badass on Litsy)

You’ve also got three more hours to enter the Hour 24 Stacks and Snacks challenge.

Hour 24: Snacks and Stacks

Guys, you’re halfway there!! (Okay, the official timeclock is halfway there.)

You’ve totally got it under control. But, ya know, Sunday is notoriously harder than Saturday on the readathon calendar, deceptively so. You think you know what you’ve got left, you probably got a lot of reading done, and you’re feeling confident. But Sunday is the day when responsibilities that were neglected creep back in, the lethargy from sitting and reading can spell unexpected naps, and you might have trouble getting into that next book because you’ve had a good run so far. So give yourself permission right now to go to bed if you need to, take a break, get some sleep, and start fresh tomorrow.

If you’re a night owl or if you’re not based on the east coast of the US (which is probably most of you), I’ve got another challenge for you. In the comments, leave a photo (or a comment) of your snacks or your stack of books for this readathon weekend. I want to see what’s on your TBR and your TBE (that’s To Be Eaten, obvi). Mostly I want to live vicariously through all of your yummy food and your pretty, pretty stacks. You’ve got until Hour 30 to enter (that’s six hours from now).

Oh, but before you go, the winners of the Hour Zero Intro Challenge are:

Jessica Jones (@coverdinrust on Litsy)

Steven Karalash (@mysternightowl on Twitter)

Joshua Peacock (@lightwoodreads on Twitter)

Caryn Livingston (@ughnowayicant on Twitter)

Jessica (@irishmlsmrose on Litsy)

Dodibus (@dodibus_ on Instagram)

Leah Weyand (@leah on Litsy)

Dani Park (@danipark__ on Instagram)

Ruzaika (@ruzaikadeen14 on Twitter)

Jen Greenlees (@reader44ever on Twitter)

And the winners of the Hour 18 Diverse Books challenge are:

Kayli Enterline (@chasing-pages on Litsy)

Melissa (@kangaj1 on Litsy)

Sarah vanOphuijsen (@hardcoverhearts on Litsy)

Christine Croft (@christine on Litsy)

Nephele Tempest (@nepheletempest on Twitter)

Emmy at Beaches and Books

Vera L (@verasbroccoli on Instagram)

Dominique Marlow (@piratesnpixdust on Twitter)

Candice Zablan (@booksbaconglttr on Twitter)

Laura Krossner (@hardcoverharlot on Litsy)

See you in three!

Hour 21: Settle In

We’re getting close to the halfway point, and hopefully by now you’ve found your rhythm, you know how much you’ve read and how much you still have left to read if you’re shooting for a full 24 hours of reading. If you’re planning on taking advantage of the quiet (if it’s late for you too), what are your late night evening rituals during the summer? Winter is easy: cozy blanket, slippers, warm drink. But summer evening rituals are tougher. Do you sit outside and listen to the crickets if you’re in the country? Do you find a porch to hang out on? How about a walk around the neighborhood with an audiobook to enjoy the late summer sunset?

Maybe some prizes will be a good way to keep you up for a little longer?

Adrienne Teague (@okcruegirl on Twitter)

Devan (@devan_chavez on Instagram)

Anne-Marie (@my_bookish_addiction on Instagram)

Charlene Prasad (@mybookbehaviour on Twitter)

Melissa (@meldaunt on Instagram)

Julie at Smiling Shelves

Sapna Sricharan (ijustliketoread.wordpress.com)

Nicole Shepard (@nicolani21 on Instagram

And don’t forget you have another three hours to enter both the Hour 18 Diverse Books challenge and the Hour Zero Intro Survey challenge.

Hour 18: We Need Diverse Books

We’re close to halfway on the official clock and I’ve been absolutely heart eyes emoji about the online #24in48 community today. Between Instagram, Litsy, Twitter, Facebook, and Booktube, you guys are really making this weekend a team sport. I love how inclusive and supportive everyone is and I am here for it. Keep going, guys, you’re doing great!

One of the best ways that the online readathon community works is by exposing your fellow 24in48-ers to books that they may not otherwise have heard of or thought they’d be interested in. Personally, I recommend using readathon to check out diverse titles and authors. We Need Diverse Books in particular is an organization that advocates for changes in the children’s publishing industry in order to promote and encourage greater diversity of authors, characters, and subject matter. Diverse books normalize, empower, and make visible people who otherwise feel invisible or forgotten. 

If you’re not familiar with it, #ownvoices describes books written by authors that identify with the same marginalized group as the protagonists that they’re writing. This could include authors that identify as and are writing characters that are POCs, disabled, LGBTQ+, non-cisgender, etc.

The intention is two-fold: 1) reading #ownvoices books sends a message to the publishing community (which is traditionally, white, able-bodied, straight, and cisgender) that these books have audiences and encourage them to publish more of them, and 2) reading about characters from marginalized groups expands your own awareness of diversity and empathy, something I think we can all benefit from.

So for this hour’s challenge, I want you to recommend books by diverse/#ownvoices authors. Either leave a comment with your recommendations or take a photo of some of your favorite diverse books and drop the link/image in the comments. Give your fellow readers some suggestions for diverse books, and think about adding #ownvoices books to your TBR stack for the rest of the ‘thon.

Here’s a stack of our favorite diverse titles that would be perfect for readathoning:

You have until Hour 24 to enter this diversity challenge. And now to announce prize winners for the Hour 12 roadtrip challenge.

Veronica Éles (@vveronica96 on Twitter)

Jess (b-ookaddict.tumblr.com)

Austin R. (@aerobins13 on Litsy)

Stephanie (@realbooks4ever on Litsy)

Karina (@karina.reads on Litsy)

Julie (@den_siste_heksa on Instagram)

Michelle Sorensen (@hikingnugg on Twitter)

Allison Ivy (@msallisonivy on Twitter)

Michelle B. (@coffeecatsbooks on Litsy)

Britain Callen (@callemarie @ Litsy)

Head over to the Prize page and pick your poison in the form. And don’t forget you have six hours left to enter the Intro Challenge from Hour Zero.

Hour Fifteen: Change It Up

Are you a readathon pre-planner? Do you set aside a stack of books and plan out your weekend ‘thon schedule, down to the meals and snacks you’re planning on eating? Or do you fly by the seat of your pants? No matter what kind of readathon-er you are, sometimes things just aren’t working. Your favorite reading chair is suddenly uncomfortable. Or you keep picking up books that aren’t grabbing you. Or you’re distracted by social media or your family or your cat who has suddenly become very needy.

Whatever kind of ‘thon you’ve planned, inevitably you’ll hit a point where the gears stop moving. And when that happens, don’t be afraid to shake things up. Switch locations, switch books, switch formats (seriously, trying an ebook or an audiobook when you’ve been doing only print can work wonders). Even if you have to get out of your house for a quick walk around the block to reset yourself, do it. Or if you’re lucky enough to have a hammock (and good weather), take a book out and spend an hour in nature.

How do you change it up when your readathon mojo is broken? Do you have an alternate plan when you’re feeling off?

Do readathon prizes help? Oh good, cause I’ve got some more!

Callahan Davenport (@thirdculturekid15 on Instagram)

Andrea Eastman (@leprechaun416 on Instagram)

Emily Blaeser (@emilydblaeser on Twitter)

Alyssa (@apchaney on Twitter)

Laura Mezirka (lauramezirka.blog)

Danielle Murray (@tsukasa1025 on Instagram)

Catherine Gousetis (@c.gousetis on Instagram)

Zoeya (@zoebookobsessed on Twitter)

Don’t forget to enter the Hour 12 Roadtrip challenge and you’ve got until Hour 24 to complete the Intro Survey too! You’ve got another three hours.

Hour Twelve: Hit the Road

Summer is roadtrip season, and just like for readathon, audiobooks are the perfect companion. In fact several readathon-ers are participating in this weekend’s ‘thon almost entirely in the car. I love a good roadtrip and whether you’re doing it solo or with one person or a whole carload, the opportunities for some good bookish shenanigans are multitude. Which books will you listen to? Which bookstores or literary sights will you see? How many fights over which Hogwarts house is better will you have?

So for our next challenge, in the comments, tell me either: 1) which three audiobooks you’d recommend for a roadtrip and why, OR 2) if you could take a roadtrip to any three bookish locations, what would they be? And because, books are magic, your destinations don’t obviously have to make sense within the confines of space and time. Want to roadtrip with Jamie to Lallybroch (from Outlander), the city of Sky (from The Inheritance Trilogy), and Miss Qiunzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet’s Camp for Hardcore Lady Types (from Lumberjanes)? Go for it.

We’ll be announcing winners for this challenge at Hour 18 in six hours. And now for the winners of the Hour Six Shelfie challenge:

Jennifer S. (@robothugs on Litsy)

Ilse Matus (@matusilse on Twitter)

Kavita R. (@kavitathereader on Instagram)

Jenna Morrison Campbell (@sheridan4369 on Twitter)

Steph Auteri (@stephauteri on Twitter)

Sarah VInka (@sarahbussing on Instagram)

Gemma (@bookworm54 on Litsy)

Casey Rose (@caseyrosereads on Instagram)

Laura Brauman (@lauralovebooks1 on Litsy)

Katie H. (@skateanddonate on Twitter)

Winners, go hit up the prize page now! See you fine readers back here in three hours for more prizes.

Hour Nine: Yum, Yum in My Tum

The most epic of #readathongoals is when you can not only spend the weekend free of responsibilities just to read, but when you also have a serious support crew that will do things like make you breakfast or bring you a mug of tea just the way you like it. During readathon weekend (especially Day One), I’m a big fan of a good breakfast a little later in the morning once I’ve been up and reading for a few hours, something that will last me until a late lunch at least. For me, that’s an everything bagel with schmear, lox, and all the fixings. (NOM).

So tell me, what are you digging into this morning? And more importantly, have you convinced someone to make it for you?

I’m not at all sorry for that gif, right there.

I suppose if you can’t have pancakes, free books are a good consolation prize. So here’s some more prize winners:

Melissa (on Instagram @agalaxyofbooks)
Anouchka (on Twitter @xAnouchka)
Rachel Hearn (on Instagram @rachelmhearn)
Andi @ Estella’s Revenge
Amanda Meter (on Instagram @amandameter)
Erin Mendoza (on Litsy @SheReads3)
Delmy (on Instagram @_the_browneyed_girl_)
Lerato (on Instagram @clockworkreader)

But really, let’s all hope for some pancakes today too. You can also still enter the Hour Six Shelfie challenge too!