Hour 18: What’s On Your Nightstand? (Challenge)

SAINTS ALIVE, it’s time for another challenge already?! WHERE IS THE TIME GOING???

First off, I just want to say: you’re all. so. amazing. You’ve been reading all the books, eating all the snacks, spending all this time with us, and—if that isn’t enough—you’re interacting with and cheering each other on.

Every year I think our group of readers can’t get any better, and every year y’all prove me wrong.

three men in a car with one of them excitedly saying best weekend ever

Gif of Jake, Charles, and Terry from Brooklyn 99 in a car saying “Best weekend ever!”

Before we dive into this hour’s challenge, we’ve got some winners from Hour 12! We loved reading your worldview-expanding reads, and (thanks to some help from our random number generator) picked a few winners from the EXCELLENT entries:

Mariann Dargusch

Callie Pastor

Rebecca Simonin

Chessa Hickox

Erin Feinstein

Heather Conley

Michelle Fecko

Jennifer B.


Sheri Cheatwood

Kara Roost

Alexus Green

Caryn Livingston

Head on over to the prize page to stake your claim!

Without further ado, for the third challenge we want a look at your nightstand. If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried a lot of nightstand solutions over the years. I’ve had so many stacked up I knocked them over in my sleep, tried a multi-shelved table, stacked them on the floor…No matter what I do, the books take over! Here’s my current situation:



I like to have options at hand, what can I say? Who wants to extract themselves from the pile of snoring dogs and cozy blankets to peruse their bookshelves?

Show us your nightstand books, or tell us how you decide what to keep on your bedside table! Is it everything you’re reading? Do you limit it to one book? Are your bookshelves so full that your nightstand is, essentially, another bookshelf? Share your situation with us!  

If you’re posting a photo of your entry on social media, don’t forget to use the official hashtag #24in48 so other readers can find you, and tag us so we can see! We’ll post the winners of this challenge in six hours (Hour 24—the halfway point!), so make sure you check back after you entered to see if you won! You’ve also got six hours left to fill out the Intro Survey!

Reminder: This 24in48, we’re trying something new to get a geographic snapshot of all participants and log every book read over the weekend! Let us know where you’re reading from here, and track your books as you finish them here!

7 thoughts on “Hour 18: What’s On Your Nightstand? (Challenge)

  1. Monica Santana says:

    harumph!!! This is a VERY sore subject for me. I went out of town for 11 days and my husband “helped” me and cleaned my nightstand. There is NOTHING there now. Nada, zilch, empty, squat. I had miscellaneous books that I was reading or thinking about reading; I had discarded candy wrappers; I had greeting cards that needed to be mailed; I had notes from books I read; I have no idea what was else there, but it was my only little mess. Fear not though, as I told my husband; I’ll have it piled high in no time.


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