Hour 36: Literal Bookends

We’re closing in on the end of readathon, but we’re not losing momentum! It’s the perfect time for another challenge to get you moving and sharing, so get up, stretch, and head back over to your home library.

While you’re walking over there, we’ve got the winners from our last challenge!

Shawntaye Hopkins

Sally Taylor

Ali (@Aliiii0685)

Diana (dnearhos)

Christina Hickey

Cathy Sedge

Jessica Bolton

Alan Compton

Tara Colaruotolo

Abby Mason

For this challenge, we want to see the first book on your shelves, and the last book on your shelves. (Drop your email address and entry into the form at the bottom of this post; you have until Hour 42 to enter!)

I’m always intrigued by the way readers choose to organize their shelves, if at all. Overall, I break things down by Fiction and NonFiction. Within that, I separate hardcover and paperback, and then alphabetize by author. There are a few exceptions, of course; my first bookcase starts out two full shelves of various editions of Harry Potter that my partner and I have collected over the years before flowing into my romance shelves.

I could go on and on, but I know you all would rather see my bookends.

Show us yours, then get back to the books!


Hour 30: Share the Shame

WHAT UP PARTY PEOPLE. It’s 6am on day two, my favorite day of the ‘thon. For me, day two usually consists of extra coffee, cozy blankets, catching up on the hashtag, and some dedicated hunkering down to try and hit 24 hours.

Wherever you are and however much you’ve read, I’m happy you’re here, and I’m proud of you. Reading for the sake of reading with a community of other readers across the world is the most important part of this weekend. You’ve dedicated your weekend to reading and connecting, and that’s a win all by itself.

To kick off our second day, it’s time for another challenge! Head on over to your bookshelves and take a long, hard look at all the books you haven’t read. Listen to them calling to you. Think about how many times you’ve bought new books and ignored the unread ones you already own.

This hour’s challenge: find the book you’ve owned the longest that you still haven’t read, and share it with us. (Drop your email address and challenge entry into the form at the bottom of this post; you have until Hour 36 to enter!)

I’m a big believer in the right book finding us at the right time, and for me that often means holding onto certain titles through multiple rounds of shelf culling because I know I WANT to read them eventually, I’m just not there yet.

Here’s my entry:

Do you share my habits, or do something entirely different? Do you limit your book buying so you’re reading as fast as you’re acquiring? Maybe you’re like Rachel, and somehow you have three or four copies of a book…and you still haven’t read it yet (no shame, boo, I love you).

We’re sharing our shelf shame here so we can kick it for good. We read how we want. NO REGRETS.

Hour 21: Go Away, I’m Reading

Kristen here again, with your hour 21 check-in, door prize winters, and a readathon pet peeve.

At this point, I’ve been ‘thon-ing all day. I’m ensconced in my comfort zone, got my laptop going for the behind the scenes action, my book open for every moment of reading I can grab, and usually two snoring dogs surrounding me.

This is the moment my partner decides to stop by my reading cave and chat. “How’s it going? What are you reading now? How many hours have you finished? You haven’t finished that yet?”

You’d think he’d have learned by now.

BUT. Now that we’ve broken your silence, TELL US WHAT YOU’RE READING.

What’s the most surprising book you read today? The most compelling? The funniest? Saddest? Here at 24in48 HQ, we’re always looking for perfect ‘thon reads (not that our TBRs need any assistance).

If you haven’t hydrated recently, go do that! If you haven’t eaten a single veggie, maybe mix some into your snack situation. 

Stretch, breathe deep, and carry on. You’re. Doing. Great.

Don’t forget to complete the Hour 18 Challenge before Hour 24! This hour’s door prize winners areeeeeeee (that long “e” is totally a drumroll):

Jessica Dubois

Alondra Minor

Kayla @kaylaraeintheway

Rebecca Demaree

Stephanie @itsstephalger

Lady @ FreeFormLady

Go forth and claim your prizes!

Hour 15: Shake Things Up

FRIENDS. We’re 15 hours into this thing! We’re hitting our stride! We’re assessing our snack piles, stretching our limbs, and checking in with each other.

At this point, there are two types of 24in48 readers. Those of us who look like this:

Annnnnd those of us who look more like this:

(Although, let’s be real. It’s more like two types of people in the world: Beyonce and everyone else.)

For us old hats, this is inevitably the time when we assess all systems. Is this chair comfortable? Are we getting sleepy? Is there enough light? Are we really enjoying this book, or is it dragging? Do we need a caffeine boost?

While the answer to that last question is almost always yes, wherever you find yourself at this moment, the best laid plans almost always go awry. You plan on reading five books and only get through two. You’re gonna knock out 18 hours on the first day, but you fall asleep on the couch and now you’re behind.

This hour is also when we remind you to take a deep breath and switch things up. There’s no wrong way to do this readathon, AND there’s no right way. Make your own reading magic however you can. Check in online to get some support. Move to a different room. Switch up your format or genre, or take a break altogether.

Share your favorite way to maintain your readathon mojo in the comments below, and don’t forget to complete the Hour 12 Challenge!

This hour’s door prize winners:

Ashley Nicoletto

Christine Traner

Daena Diaz

Melissa Flim

Sabrina Unrein

Callie Pastor

Head over to the prize page to claim your goodies!


Hour 9: I’m Totally Awake

HELLO AGAIN. It’s time for another check-in (and door prizes!).

Most likely, I (Kristen) am just waking up because my dogs were too cuddly and warm and leaving my bed seemed difficult, and I’m stumbling into the shower to become human. Rachel doesn’t move until she coffees, I don’t coffee until I shower. Kerry has usually run 30 miles or something by now. We all have our morning processes.

Now that I’m awake, I’ll say good morning! We’re about 20% of the way through this thing, and it’s All. Going. Great.

How do I know that?! You’re here, you’re reading, and those are two of my favorite things. This readathon means a lot to me, and watching it grown and morph into an even better version of itself every year is one of my greatest joys.

What are you reading? How are you doing? Are you just getting started, or rolling on into hour nine like a champ? Let us know in the comments, or tag us in a post on social media using #24in48!

Also, don’t forget to complete the Hour 6 Reading Nostalgia Challenge (winner announced in Hour 12!), and I’m gonna give y’all another reminder about the Intro Survey! And now…the door prize winners!

Theresa M Emig
Katharine @Kathareads
Jennifer Crawford
Shonda Brewer
Elizabeth @lavidasegunlily
Nubia Rivera
Karena Fagen
Kristine Lewis

Head on over to the prize page to claim your loot!

Hour 6: Reading Nostalgia

Good morning, beautiful readers! If you’re following the official timeclock, it’s 6AM and we here at readathon HQ are in varying stages of sleep and awake, stumbling to the coffee pot and extricating ourselves from snoring dog piles.

Pro Tip to get things going: drink something hot (tea, coffee, you do you), pace yourself, and pick something quick and engrossing to kick off your reading. It’s important to start with a quick read that will make you feel accomplished out of the gate! Trust us.

While we have you, though, it’s TIME FOR OUR FIRST CHALLENGE. We’re coming at you with all new challenges this year, and we couldn’t be more excited! First up: time for some nostalgia.

What’s the oldest children’s book you have, or a book you’ve held onto since your childhood? Share it with us!

Every reader I’ve met has strong childhood memories of devouring every book they could get their hands on, but there are some that stick out among the sea of books. I’ve got a battered copy of The Phantom Tollbooth and The Westing Game on my shelf that I’ll never be able to part with.

Drop your email address and answer into the form at the bottom of this post to enter; you have until Hour 12 to submit your entry! Don’t forget to check the prize page after the challenge closes to see if you won! (ALSO you can still enter the Intro Survey challenge from Hour Zero and check Hour 3 to see if you won a prize.)

Hour 3: Things Are Happening

Oh my god, I can’t believe we’re three hours in. I can’t believe we’re here, full stop!

It’s a new year, a new winter edition of 24in48, a new stack of books, and a whole new round of gifs. You know, the important content you’re all here for.

Wherever timezone you’re joining us from, we’re at hour three and we’re so damn happy to be here. Our Captain Rachel just hit her midday Saturday stride, and your trusty co-hosts Kerry and Kristen are sound asleep in their beds on the East Coast of the U.S. For the second time in a row, we’re all swabbing the decks and manning the sails of the Good Ship Readathon together, and we’re so happy to be here with you.

As we’re kicking things off, we want to remind y’all where everything is. You can find the list of participants here, follow our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds, check out the Prize page, and get some pro readathon tips here. We’re also on Litsy (@24in48), and you can reach us at 24in48readathonofficial@gmail.com if you need us! Don’t forget that the entire readathon community tags posts with #24in48 across all social media platforms, so go find each other!

We’ll be quiet now and let you get back to the reading. Remember: you’re doing the thing, you’re amazing, and we like you.

Before you go: we’ve got our first round of door prize winners and a reminder to fill out the Intro Survey! We’ll be back in Hour Six!

Tatiana Ellis
Ingrid Ingram
Mary Ellen @aparanormalromance
Alicia Copeland
Faith Ramage
Christina Hufford
Ness Shortley
Steve @Zakath1
Michelle Rafalski

Congrats to our first round of winners! Don’t forget to claim your prizes here!