Hour 36: Childhood Reads (Challenge)

Sweet, sweet midday on day two of 24in48. If you’re following the official timeclock, it’s noon (EST) on day two, and it’s the time when you need the most motivation.

We’re 3/4 of the way through this thing, and it’s time to caffeinate, nap, hydrate, take a walk, splash some cold water on your face—whatever  you need to keep going.

cat says wakeup

kitten boops human nose and says “WAKE UP”

Before we get to our (!!!) second-to-last challenge of this iteration of 24in48, here are the winners of the Hour 30 challenge:

Samuelle B.

Raghad Mahmoud

Tamara Cotzias

Sasha Speck

Sharon Traucki

Debbie Grillo

Ashley Gutierrez

Meg @beebearbanana

Karen Gill

Andrea Campos

Melanie Belson

Laura Newsholme

Courtnee Jackson

Head on over to the prize page to stake your claim! And now, it’s time to walk down memory lane.


What’s the oldest children’s book you have, or a book you’ve held onto since your childhood? Share it with us!

Every reader I’ve met has strong childhood memories of devouring every book they could get their hands on, but there are some that stick out among the sea of books. I’ve got a battered copy of The Westing Game on my shelf that I’ll never be able to part with, in addition to a well-loved-cover-falling-off copy of Little Women that belonged to my mother before me.


A vintage, well-loved copy of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

If you’re posting a photo of your entry on social media, don’t forget to use the official hashtag #24in48 so other readers can find you, and tag us so we can see! We’ll post the winners of this challenge in six hours (Hour 42), so make sure you check back after you entered to see if you won! 

Reminder: This 24in48, we’re trying something new to get a geographic snapshot of all participants and log every book read over the weekend! Let us know where you’re reading from here, and track your books as you finish them here!

2 thoughts on “Hour 36: Childhood Reads (Challenge)

  1. I love The Secret Garden and must have two or three copies of it though I sadly cannot find the first copy of it that I read. Interestingly enough, the image used in this post of Little Women is practically identical to the book I read when I was young. I will always remember it because my mother got so tired of the questions on what words meant that she told me to “Just Infer!” the meanings. Little Women isn’t the best book for that unfortunately…given that my copy didn’t have a translation for the paragraphs in French!


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