Hour 42: Your Actual Bookends (Challenge)

I’ve got some happy, sad, and generally-feelingsy news to share.

We’re at hour 42, which means you’ve done the damn thing almost all the way through, AND that we’ve reached our last challenge for this edition of 24in48.

I’M HAVING COMPLICATED FEELINGS, OK? Mostly, though, I’m glad you’re here. I’m glad you joined us. I’m eternally grateful for this event, my cohosts, and every single one of you readers the world over.

t hanks

Whether you’re cramming through those last few hours to hit your goal, finish that book, or just generally see this thing through to the end, we know you’re here to celebrate the winners of our Hour 30 challenge before we dive into the last challenge.

Stephanie Wang

Amy Slusher

Barbara Wood

Shannon Keller

Jesse Presgraves

Christy Broderick

Sara Plourde

Bethany (@bibliosbinge)

Steph Auteri

Jess7 (thegreeneyedreader)

Sarah @ Reviews and Readathons

Colleen Burns

Steff Pasciuti

You know the drill! If you won, get thee to the prize page to stake your claim!

AND NOW: THE LAST CHALLENGE. This time around, we want to see the first book on your shelves, and the last book on your shelves.

I’m always intrigued by the way readers choose to organize their shelves, if at all. Overall, I break things down by Fiction and NonFiction. Within that, I separate hardcover and paperback, and then alphabetize by author.


Now, tell me how you organize. Cry about how you’ll never find the beginning of your stacks of books and will ultimately be buried under the weight of them because you can’t stop buying more. You know. You do you.

If you’re posting a photo of your entry on social media, don’t forget to use the official hashtag #24in48 so other readers can find you, and tag us so we can see! We’ll post the winners of this challenge in six hours (Hour 48, the very end of 24in48), so make sure you check back after you entered to see if you won! 

Reminder: This 24in48, we’re trying something new to get a geographic snapshot of all participants and log every book read over the weekend! Let us know where you’re reading from here, and track your books as you finish them here!


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