24-Hour Prize Pack Winners Announced

It’s been just over a week since we wrapped up the July 24in48 readathon, and we’re still all heart-eyes emoji over the incredible weekend you guys took part in and helped to make wonderful.

We topped out with just over 1,900 readers, making this our most successful readathon to date (and summer ‘thons are notoriously less popular). We also started tracking the books you guys read during the readathon; you logged 2,476 books and 1,887 unique titles. Readers came from literally all over the world: we had participants from 6 continents (and now my goal is to find a reader in Antarctica to participate), with nearly 78% in North America. And nearly 44% of you were first-timers!

We got (almost) nothing but positive feedback on our push for diversity and we thank you for supporting this effort. Of the books you logged, 30% were by authors of color and more than 60% were by women. We still have work to do though; for more than 60% of logged books, participants noted that they weren’t sure about the author’s race, sexuality, neurodiversity, or disability status.

That’s all to say thanks for making this most recent readathon a resounding success.

Now for the best part! Announcing our SEVEN prize pack winners. (Here’s one more stat: 227 readers sent in proof that they’d completed a full 24 hours of reading!)

Prize Pack #1

Miriam W.

Prize Pack #2

Kelly Brady

Prize Pack #3

Erin Feinstein

Prize Pack #4

Emily Blaeser

Prize Pack #5

Devin (@devinfeyded)

International Prize Packs

Samuelle Boyer
Melanie Taddeo

Winners, expect an email from us shortly! Congrats and great job everyone, whether you finished a full 24 hours or just two and we’ll see you all back here in January.

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