HOUR 9: The One Where We’re All Awake

It’s Hour 9, and by the official Readathon clock, that makes it 9am for Kerry & Kristen and 6pm for Rachel. The upside to being in different time zones is that someone is always awake to man the 24in48 ship during the weekend; the downside is that we aren’t always awake at the same time, so we miss out on chances to catch up with each other. But Hour 9 is one of my favorites because it’s the one when all three of your hosts are reliably all awake, which means you get extra co-host attention (and we get a shot at actually reading a few pages of a book here and there between hosting duties!). Rose, Blanche and Dorothy from The Golden Girls huddle together with the caption, "We should celebrate."So much celebrating to be done! But first, breakfast (or dinner for Rachel). And books. And then more books. I (Kerry) spent this week trying to wrap up all my partially finished reads so I could start today with a blank slate, and I’m so excited to dive into my stack and decide what to read first. Should I pick something short and sweet? Or a chunkster to see me through the day? What’s your technique?

Oh — and don’t worry, we didn’t forget door prize winners!

Kaitlyn (@topkatiewho)

Emily (@spookyemily13)

Suzanne (@sfbeavers)

Christina Hufford

Alex DiGennaro

Angela Musall

Alexa (@alexa.reads)

Melissa Hamm

Kathy Spellman

Kirsten Griffith

If you won a door prize, head on over to the prize page to take your pick of prizes. If you didn’t win, don’t forget to keep checking back as we’re pulling door and challenge prize winners every few hours! (Which reminds me, be sure to check back through the past posts to see if you already won earlier in the day.) And you still have lots of time to enter the Intro Survey challenge from Hour Zero.

🚨 You must be officially signed up to be eligible for door prizes and challenge prizes, and you have until the end of day one to do so. You can search the participant list here to make sure you’re signed up, or if you know that you aren’t, go right to the sign-up form. 🚨

Reminder: This 24in48, we’re trying to log every book read this weekend! Track your books as you finish them here, and follow along on Goodreads!

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