Hour 45: The Final Countdown

Whoa, nelly. How did it get to be Hour 45 already? Time flies when you’re having fun, apparently, and we are MOST DEFINITELY having fun, are we not? We’ve got three hours left to the finish line, and you know what that means…

A few important countdown reminders from your hosts:

  1. BREATHE. Move. Stretch. Breathe again. Repeat as needed.
  2. Enjoy yourself — and enjoy that book you’re reading. If you AREN’T enjoying it, put it down! Read something else, go for a walk, give your brain a change of pace/story/language/direction/things to think about for a bit.
  3. This readathon is for you, not anybody else. So someone else read 456 books in 24 hours, and you’ve not yet finished one? Who cares. This isn’t a competition. Have fun with it, appreciate this time carved out for reading, and–most importantly–you do you, friend!
  4. Don’t worry about making or breaking your goals at this point. It’s easy to look at the 3-hour countdown and feel like you have to read for EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT to hit your time goals, but goals are just that — goals — and it’s totally ok not to reach them. I (Kerry) have had readathons where I’ve read the full 24 hours, and readathons where I’ve barely eeked out 3 hours of audiobook, and that in the car while driving to some event or another. It’s all good. Sometimes it’s the trying that is the most important part. (Whoa, we’re getting all kind of deep and meaningful this late in the game, apparently).

We love you all, we’re so excited you’re a part of this, and we can’t wait to cheer in these last few hours with you all.

Our last round of door prize winners:

Trisa @ Absolute Bookishness

Rebecca Simonin

Jessie @ Dwell in Possibility

Jenny @ Reading the End

Allie @ A Literary Odyssey

Jenna Morrison Campbell

Kimberly Nelson

Callie LaFleur

If you’ve won a prize here (or on any of the past hours — don’t forget to check!), you can claim your prize at the Prizes Page.

And don’t forget, you still have time to enter the LAST CHALLENGE from Hour 42, which is open until hour 48 (aka the finish line!).


Hour 39: Let’s Do This Thing

Hour 39 is upon us, and that means it’s time for more door prizes! But first, a few words of love:

You, yes YOU, are amazing. You are a perfect reading machine, a fantastical whimsical book merperson, a beautiful wonderful literary leprechaun. We’re so, so happy you’re joining us that we can’t even quite make compliments that make sense (though maybe that’s just a by-product of it being hour 39, and yours truly (Kerry) veering just a touch to the loopy side of things). But for reals, this readathon is such an incredible event, and it’s amazing to see its growth, and we couldn’t do any of it without ALL OF YOU WONDERBOOKSTARS. Without further ado…

This hour’s door prize winners are:

Sydney Sullivan

Stephanie Hildreth

Regina Renee Ward

Felicia The Geeky Blogger

Melissa Pickford

Lady @ FreeFormLady

If you won a prize here (or on a past post… don’t forget to check!) you can claim your prize over on the Prize Page. And don’t forget you can still enter the Bookends Challenge from Hour 36, which is open until Hour 42. See you all in a few hours!

Hour 33: You Are Crushing It

We are well and truly into day two of this readathon, and you are CRUSHING IT. It’s 9am for me (Kerry), and if I know me (I think I do), I’m currently pouring myself a MASSIVE cup of coffee and getting ready for the day to come. We’ve got 15 hours left on the official readathon clock, and we believe in you.

That said, we all know that the second day of a readathon can be harder than the first. Your mind starts to wander, your eyelids start to droop. So get up and move around a bit. Stretch! Walk! Breathe! Then make yourself a cup of coffee (or tea, or whatever floats your boat), focus, and get back to the books.

BUT WAIT! First, more door prize winners:

Christina @ Ruff Day Reviews
Eva Shotwell
Alicia Day
Kristy Harvey
Trish Fitzsimmons

If you’ve won a prize (here or on a past post–be sure to double check!), visit the Prize Page to claim your prize. And don’t forget you can still enter the Share the Shame challenge from Hour 30, which is open for entries until Hour 36.

Hour 27: Warding off the Sleepies

On the official readathon time clock, it’s the wee hours of the morning (3am to be precise), but with such an awesome contingent of around-the-world readers, we know there are ‘thoners out there reading up a storm. Our fearless leader, Rachel, is in the middle of the day in her time zone, but your trusty co-hosts Kristen and Kerry are likely curled up beneath a massive stack of blankets trying to catch a few 3am zzzs before tomorrow’s reading.

Whether you’re sleeping or reading at this very moment, know that we’re all cheering for you. Even Beyonce!

Pro tip: If you’re feeling sleepy and trying to read on through it, some pro-‘thoners suggest switching books to something lighter to keep yourself motivated through the sleepy hours. Don’t be afraid to set aside something that isn’t keeping your attention; you can always come back to it later.

Before we get back to reading (or sleeping, as the case may be), a few door prize winners!

Robyn Schwartzman
Linda Wachlarz
Linda Hurley
Alexandra Endress
Kody Ryan Munson
Neha Kalani

Winners, check out the prize page to claim your door prize.

And don’t forget to check back for another round of challenges to come, starting at Hour 30.

Hour 24: We’re Halfway There!

We’re at the halfway point!!! Or at least the official time clock is at the halfway point. If you’re reading this as it posts, you’re either up late like me (Kerry) or not on the East Coast of the US (which is a whole damn lot of you!). Either way, we’re SO PROUD of what you’ve done so far, and you should be too. Give yourself a big ol’ pat on the back, would you?We’re moving into the second half of this readathon, and we have no doubt you guys are going to crush your reading goals. Remember that the second day of this thing can be harder than the first; you’ve made some progress, and your brain keeps trying to think about other things (Netflix, or to-do lists, or getting ready for Monday, or what have you). But as a community, we know we can support each other through those tempting non-reading moments, and get back to the books. That’s not to say you shouldn’t give yourself a break, of course–the whole point of 24in48 is that we prioritize reading while still leaving room for other non-reading activities over the course of a weekend. So if you need a nap, or a walk, or a quick dose of television, don’t kick yourself over it! You do you. You’re perfect, never change.

Before we move on, we’ve got some prize winners!

From the Hour Zero Intro  Survey Challenge:

Corrie McMurtry
Danielle Bowen
Sherie Gordon
Ryan A. Franklin
Erin @erin_el_issa
Jennifer Miller-Smith
Hannah Ens
Jackie Edwards
Vanessa L. @YouReadMyEyes
Rebekah @adventuresinpages

And from the Hour 18 Challenge:

Michelle @beckesequus
Melissa Fetterman
Patty B
Sara Hendrix
Hannah Borden
Rebecca Jo Vincent
Myriam Daoust

Head on over to the prize page to claim your prize. And stay tuned for more challenges to come in the next few hours. Until then, happy reading!