HOUR 27: Do the Thing!

We’re past the halfway point, and you all are DOING THE THING. Gosh, my bookish little heart could just explode with happiness (in my dreams, of course, because in my time zone, it’s 3am and I am definitely, absolutely fast asleep).

(This is me, cheering for you all right now.)

If it’s not the middle of the night where you are (or even if it is! Some people don’t need sleep as much as I do, I suppose…), check in and let us all know how it’s going. What are you reading? How are you feeling? What’s been the best part so far?

And if you have a few minutes, don’t forget to take a glance at the #24in48 hashtag to cheer on other participants. You might even connect with someone else in your time zone for real-time chats.

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget to pull some new door prize winners before I headed to bed for the night.

Mallory (@maladymilady)

Katie (@kjrogers3)

Claudia Rollo

Kendra Allen

Danielle Murray

Monica Sue-Ann Matthews-Rios

Gargi (@captain_lunareine)

Mary Clements

Savannah Dickerson

Amanda Huggett

If you see your name here (or on any of the past hourly posts!), check the Prize Page to select your prize. And stay tuned for more chances to win for the rest of the day!

Reminder: This 24in48, we’re trying to log every book read this weekend! Track your books as you finish them here, and follow along on Goodreads!

8 thoughts on “HOUR 27: Do the Thing!

  1. Meg L says:

    I’m in the central time zone and plan on heading to bed by 3 my time…maybe! 😏 You rock! 🤘🏻 Thanks for staying up with us.


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