HOUR 48: Fin!


It’s officially the end of this #24in48 and whew boy, what a great readathon it was. You guys did amazing and so many (SO. MANY.) of you finished a full 24 hours of reading. And literally everyone read some fantastic books this weekend. I’m sure there was some stellar naps and snacks happening too (I know there were, I saw your social media posts).

As always, we’ve got some business to finish before you all collapse into bed (except you still reading over there. Yes, you Liberty.)

Announcing the winners of the Hour 42 Swiss Army Rec Challenge:

Carrie Wilson

Lauren Duke

Sarah O’Leary


Jessica Dinan

Natalia Varela

Rebecca Anderson

Emileigh Latham

Maggie Burns

Kellyanne @ellarebee

Madison DeJulio

Thia @thia.reads.a.lot

If you won here, go to the Prize Page and pick out your top three choices. Don’t forget to go check previous posts to see if you won a door prize or challenge task!

Don’t forget to go add all the books you read during readathon to our tracker (and go check out Goodreads to see what your fellow readathon-ers were flipping through this weekend).

Next, mark your calendars. The next round of readathon will be held on…

July 20-21, 2019

Now we’d love to know how the readathon worked for you. We’d love to know what went well and what didn’t and how we might make it better. Your feedback helps us produce an event that’s as enjoyable for everyone as possible.

Lastly, if you managed to read a full 24 hours, you’re eligible to win a prize pack (announced here), courtesy of some of our fantastic donors. Fill out the form below to provide proof of your full 24 hours read BEFORE midnight ET on Tuesday, January 29th. We’ll announce the winners of those packs next week. (Don’t forget that you must include a link directly to the proof post, not to your profile or to a story that will disappear).

Once again, we are so thrilled you were able to join us this weekend and we hope you had an amazing couple of days full of great books, yummy snacks, and few interruptions. We’ll see you back here in July! Now we’re gonna go pass out for 12 hours.


7 thoughts on “HOUR 48: Fin!

  1. Scarlett_Ohara says:

    Thank you for making the challenge awesome!
    Sorry, I was a spaz: I was filling out the first survey, but because I did it on my phone, I didn’t notice that I moved on to the second 🤦🏻‍♀️ so please ignore my entry (I didn’t manage 24 hours of reading so it doesn’t make sense).


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