Hour 48: It’s The End.

Amazing. You guys are absolutely amazing. We’ve hit the end of this round of #24in48 and are still counting up all the posts and comments and prize entries and emojis and gifs you all shared this weekend but suffice to say it was a successful weekend all around.

Whether you hit 24 hours or not, we all spent a little more time with our nose in a book and isn’t that the best way to spend a weekend?

We have some winners to announce from the Hour 42 Your Favorite One Challenge. If you see your name below, keep an eye out for an email from us to claim your prize! :

Lauren (the_peachy_reader)Ioana Sulica
heidi leaRaquel Evans
Suzanne WigginsJacqulene Brandt
Ryan A. FranklinEmily Blaeser
Julianne NaumChristina Hickey
Tamara CotziasBex (bexlibris)
Karin ShankSarah Whitely
Dwayna PaplowMiciella Bishop

Don’t forget that you can still log any books you finish here.

Next, to announce the date of our next 24in48 readathon! Join us on:

📚January 18-19, 2020📚

We made some changes and added some features for this round of 24in48 and we’d love to know how this readathon went for you. Did you like the new challenge set up? Were you able to catch one of the Instagram Lives with your hosts? Tell us all that and more by filling out the Closing Survey here or in the embedded form below.

Lastly, if you managed to read a full 24 hours, you’re eligible to win a prize pack (announced here), courtesy of some of our fantastic donors. Fill out the form here or embedded below to provide proof of your full 24 hours read BEFORE midnight ET on Wednesday, July 24th. We’ll announce the winners of those packs next week. (Don’t forget that you must include a link directly to the proof post, not to your profile or to a story that will disappear).

Once again, we are so thrilled you were able to join us this weekend and we hope you had an amazing couple of days full of great books, yummy snacks, and few interruptions. We’ll see you back here in January! Now we’re gonna go pass out for 12 hours.

4 thoughts on “Hour 48: It’s The End.

    • Rachel says:

      If you used a timer, take a screenshot and post that someplace online or you can email it to us directly. If you kept track on paper, take a photo and do the same. Don’t forget to fill out the form either way.


  1. Amanda McMahan says:

    How can we see what others read ( the books they logged)? I clicked on the goodreads link, but I never saw mine on the list, so I wasn’t sure if I was looking at the right thing. This was my first time participating. I was really unsure if I was doing anything correctly.


  2. Elyse LeMieux says:

    Thank you for another great readathon! I did much better Sunday than Saturday and if I’d been just a tad more proactive on Saturday, I would’ve hit 24 hours. I ended hitting an even 22 though! So I’m pretty happy.


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