Hour 12: Spine Poetry

Brought you by As Good as Gone from Algonquin Books

Hey there! Kendra from Litsy here.

On the inside, I suspect all book nerds wish they could be prize-winning poets.  Now’s your chance!!

You see that book stack, probably sitting near you somewhere, the one you’ve been either avoiding totally or dutifully reading through since last night? That’s your muse.

Choose however many books you like and arrange them into bookish art–beautiful spine poetry.

Take a picture of your new creation, head over to Litsy, and share your genius with the world. Be sure to use the hashtags #SpinePoetry #24in48 so we can find you!

By posting a picture of your spine poetry on Litsy, you’ll be entered to win one of five copies of As Good as Gone by Larry Watson (US only).

We’ll choose the winners at 4PM. So what are you waiting for? Go get stacking!

11 thoughts on “Hour 12: Spine Poetry

  1. Is Litsy down again? I am just so frustrated. This is supposed to be fun. I already lost Sunday to my son’s scout troop switching my camp chaperoning days, and now Litsy, yesterday and now today. So sad 😦


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