Hour 18: Read Together

One of my favorite parts of readathon – and this has been true since the very beginning – is the community that builds online during this amazing weekend of reading. I’ve made some fantastic friends from 24in48 and I know so many of you have too.

I’ve also heard about many of you creating your own little weekend readathon communes where you ditch the kids or the partner and hunker down with friends – both in person and online – to make the most of 24in48. (Shout out to the foursome who got a hotel room to really escape the real world for readathon. You’re doing it right!)

I hope you’ve been enjoying the giveaways and challenges from our friends at Litsy. And don’t forget that it’s not too late to sign up and/or complete the Intro Survey for a chance to win.

Who are you reading with this weekend? My readathon buddy is failing at keeping me motivated – thank goodness he’s cute!


16 thoughts on “Hour 18: Read Together

  1. Kimberlee says:

    I’ve been playing Jim Gaffigan’s Food: A Love Story for my husband as we drive around doing errands today. It’s almost like we’re on a date at comedy show.

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  2. I wish I was reading with my boyfriend. I always envy the way he can bury himself in a book, blank out distractions, not eat unless reminded, just keep reading until the book is finished. He doesn’t read often but when he does, the world falls away around him in a way I just can’t master. Maybe next year.

    For now I have my bearded dragon Mayli & my Toothless from the Bear Factory. The dragons that read together… 😉


  3. Lena says:

    I am reading solo here at home when I can. Family is supposed to be leaving me alone to read, but some how they (and real life) seem to find ways to intrude. Neither husband or daughter is much interested in reading or participating. I just took a little nap so after I get dinner on the table I plan to get back to reading. Usually while reading our lap cat curls up in the chair with me to keep me company. I find I can get more reading done once everyone goes to bed (hence the mid-day nap).


  4. I listened to Anna Christie by Eugene O’Neill in the car to and from my monthly book club meeting and then told all of my friends there about it, so I sort-of read it with them. Later this evening, I will be reading Brave New World and probably messaging my friend from high school who is also reading it. We chat almost as much as we read.


  5. When I’m not reading my print books, the husband and I are audiobooking through Prodigy by Marie Lu! Makes us both happy – me because I’m getting my hours in, him because I’ll agree to play a multi-hour game of Civilization 5 while we listen.

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  6. Check in #24in48 from RepentinoMag (our student magazine) and you will see several pics of the three dogs (Mama was a afghan abandoned int he street and then she had two pups) the three cats that were strays and rescues, as well as the latest canine, Dane, who had been hit by a car and we took him in to get his leg repaired and healed – so he is on the mend – so you can imagine, breaks are mandatory and go with my last name, Brake 🙂 Enjoy the pics as I attempt to hit some audio books tonight! (How do you load pics on this blog – message? Can you?


  7. A bunch of us in Chicago (we became friends via the Read Harder monthly meets) got together this afternoon for coffee, beer, and reading. Of course we made a quick visit to the nearby indie bookstore as well as the library. I love hanging out with these people because nobody talks books like these guys do. Back home just before the storm hit us and enjoying some much needed peaceful reading time. There will be ice-cream later. Stay tuned.

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