Hour 36: Move Your Body

With 12 hours left to go, now is the time when you start to get tingly toes or an achy back from sitting in one place for too long. And the sleepies are a real serious thing on Sunday afternoon of readathon.

So grab an audiobook and get your body moving. Go for a walk, a bike ride (though please don’t ride in traffic with earbuds in your ears), hit the gym, play with your kids or dog, or even go through this simple sun salutation to get the blood flowing.


How are you moving your body today? Can you walk and read at the same time?

6 thoughts on “Hour 36: Move Your Body

  1. I am on disc three of nine – PROGRESS! I take breaks to take the dogs out, and today, in Mexico City, they close the streets to allow bicycles, walkers, and rollerbladers in the streets until 2:00 – very cool! How do you take audiobooks on cd with you? I do not see CD walkmans anywhere – but I have an external cd player for my laptop – but not sure how to make that portable – any ideas?

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  2. Kimberlee says:

    I got out the resistance bands and did an arm workout.
    There should be a contest who can carry the largest book stack. Short people would be at a disadvantage.


  3. Jen says:

    I read while I walk. Peripheral vision is a wonderful thing. Here in Tucson, though, I mostly read while walking from room to room in the house. Outside, I need to keep watching for snakes and assorted creepy crawlies, and make sure my puppy-son doesn’t get to close to the Jumping Chollas.

    Today, though, we just ran an errand to pick up the mail from yesterday.


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