Hour 30: Sleep or Nah?

Good morning, readathoners! It’s 6am on the east coast and chances are like, 50/50 that I’m still in bed right now. Because this is the readathon for people who like to sleep! So I’m sure I’ll be rolling out of bed soon enough, grabbing my coffee and settling in for Day 2. Is there anyone that stayed up all night reading? Or most of the night?

You might be thinking that Day 2 is the easy day, right? You’ve got a routine figured out, you’re settling into a rhythm, and Sunday will breeze by. I warn you now: Sunday is the secret killer of 24in48 ambitions. Naps come much more easily and the relative success of your reads on Day 1ย can have unintended consequences for Day 2. Did you find that the books you read were bananas good? Sunday books could suffer by comparison. Find yourself in a slump where nothing really clicked? That slump could continue into Sunday.

I’m not trying to scare you, but be warned: Come into Sunday with a plan and an understanding of the pitfalls. Or don’t, and let the day play out as it will. Either way, enjoy yourself! the 24in48 is all about making time to read in big chunks, which you’ve done. Congrats! You win!

Stay tuned both here, and on Instagram and Litsy for more amazing giveaways and challenges all day. And you can still leave a comment with your survey answers on the Hour Zero post to win!

Happy Day Two reading, ‘thoners!

7 thoughts on “Hour 30: Sleep or Nah?

  1. Day Two is almost done here (Aus). I read so many books on Saturday but today I’ve only read a few. I found it easier to just listen to an audiobook for most of the day because I was tired.


  2. Roselyn says:

    I read a lot less yesterday than I wanted to. I thought Saturday would have been my biggest day and I was expected to be finishing book 3 right now and on to book 4 but I’m only halfway down through book 2. Yesterday I read an hour hear, two hours there, etc. I’m hoping today I can read consecutively without having to stop. I fell asleep reading last night and woke up at 5 am to turn off the lights. I remember opening the book at about 11:00 pm and the last time I checked the clock it was around 1:40. Don’t know when I fell asleep. 6:40 am here in Connecticut and I’m about to start reading now.


  3. Carolyn says:

    I didn’t know I had it in me to stay up late considering how I was suffering earlier, but I’m feeling hopeful about my chances to make my goal with only 8 and a half hours left for Sunday. I have to get some sleep now, though. It’s 7 et (4am) here, so I know I’ve got some struggles ahead if I don’t. Zzzzzz….


  4. 7:18 in Mexico City, and beginning the audiobook, Leaving Everything Most Loved, by Jacqueline Winspear – Nine discs ! How long would you think one disc is? I have a feeling it is going to be a long day – with a long way to see the end of my first long audio book for a finish ๐Ÿ™‚ But, I am entering books that I have not really thought about, so – this is the goal of 24to 48! Let’s do this!


  5. Judith says:

    I started just after midnight …during hour one, read about 1/2 hr only…yesterday was pre-planned jam packed, but still managed by time I closed my eyes to get a total of 5 1/2 hours. This morning so far only an hour…so, 24 in 48? Don’t think that I’ll be able to get that in, but, it gives me a great excuse today that I’m part of a challenge! So I HAVE to read, right!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ In that time, I’ve finished one shortish novel, started and finished another, and started the next this morning. Hope to finish this short novel and start another by lunch…fingers crossed!


  6. I thought I was doing it by ET but I checked the timezones. Whereas I might have made it with 15-30 minutes to spare, I actually couldn’t have made it because I thought the difference was bigger. Ah well, I may still stay up and read what I can.

    I definitely slacked too much on Day 1.


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