Hour 18: Rhythm and Rhymes

We’re close to halfway on the official clock and I’ve been absolutely heart eyes emoji about the community online today. While many of you are marching (I wish I could be with you), lots of you are reading and talking and cheering each other on and I am here for it. Keep going, guys, you’re doing great!

I’ve seen lots of great readathon TBR stacks in my feeds, and now I want to see another kind of photo. We’ve already done shelfies, but this time I want to see your best spine poetry. Construct your best poem from book titles on your shelves, take a photo, and post a link to that photo and the resulting poem in a comment below. (Add punctuation as you see fit.) Here’s mine:

Hold still
Pretty is another day in the death of America
Half wild monstress, I see you.

Give me your best stanza and I’ll pick a prize winner for this challenge at Hour 24 at midnight ET tonight.

We’ve got another prize winner to announce, from Hour Twelve’s feminist challenge.


And four more door prize winners too!

Kayci G (@theruralreader on Twitter)

Maggie Stewart

Shana (@sfox414 on Litsy)

Christine @Buckling Bookshelves

Congrats, winners, and don’t forget to head to the Prizes page to pick your winnings!

77 thoughts on “Hour 18: Rhythm and Rhymes

  1. Willow Star Serenity Blog says:

    Sadly I don’t have access to my books. They are all at my place. I’ve been housesitting my grandmother’s house until the estate has been finalized 😦 All I have is my kindle.


  2. Emily DeCato says:

    I posted mine on Litsy. @emilydecato

    Through the woods, where things come back
    A great and terrible beauty stolen.
    If you come softly everything is illuminated.
    I am the messenger.


  3. Leah Bergen says:

    I posted on Litsy (@LeahBergen)
    A little spine poetry for all our marchers today:

    Ladies in Waiting, Enemy Women,
    Sisters in the Wilderness.
    Without You There is No Us.


  4. Stephanie Bengtson says:

    I posted on Litsy @StephBengtson
    My timely #spinalpoem about recent events. Ahem…

    Under a Flaming Sky —
    Men Explain Things to Me
    (in) Americanah,
    The Most Dangerous Place on Earth


  5. Janice Cosenza says:

    Posted on Litsy @SeeJanRead

    Everything Leads to Yog
    When You Reach Me
    Hold Me Closer
    Close to You
    Just as Long as We’re Together


  6. AmyC says:

    Book Spine Challenge #24in48
    Pic on FB at: Facebook.com/amyc09

    Left behind,
    running with scissors.
    Passing shadows in the ward.
    Don’t Panic.
    I’ll be seeing you, Rebecca
    We’ll meet again……


  7. Donna Abate says:

    Posted this very avante garde entry on Twitter: @Fearless Donna πŸ˜‰

    As I knew him…
    the incredible journey
    to make you sound great
    show me the magic

    This book won’t help you
    for one more day
    escaping into the open
    loving everyone,
    even weird things customers say in bookstores


  8. I posted mine on Litsy – @BookBabe

    #SpinePoetry for the #24in48 #Readathon!

    The ego and his own
    Never let you go.
    We are not ourselves.
    Today will be different…
    Am I alone here?


  9. Joy Bishop says:

    I hope I posted in time! The time zone throws me off. Anyway, posted on Litsy @joybishoptx

    Girls Like Me
    March, march, march
    Speak – Catching Fire
    You Will Know Me –
    A Work in Progress
    You Should Have Known
    The PRINCESS Saves Herself in This One


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