Hour 18: Rhythm and Rhymes

We’re close to halfway on the official clock and I’ve been absolutely heart eyes emoji about the community online today. While many of you are marching (I wish I could be with you), lots of you are reading and talking and cheering each other on and I am here for it. Keep going, guys, you’re doing great!

I’ve seen lots of great readathon TBR stacks in my feeds, and now I want to see another kind of photo. We’ve already done shelfies, but this time I want to see your best spine poetry. Construct your best poem from book titles on your shelves, take a photo, and post a link to that photo and the resulting poem in a comment below. (Add punctuation as you see fit.) Here’s mine:

Hold still
Pretty is another day in the death of America
Half wild monstress, I see you.

Give me your best stanza and I’ll pick a prize winner for this challenge at Hour 24 at midnight ET tonight.

We’ve got another prize winner to announce, from Hour Twelve’s feminist challenge.


And four more door prize winners too!

Kayci G (@theruralreader on Twitter)

Maggie Stewart

Shana (@sfox414 on Litsy)

Christine @Buckling Bookshelves

Congrats, winners, and don’t forget to head to the Prizes page to pick your winnings!

77 thoughts on “Hour 18: Rhythm and Rhymes

  1. Abi Marie Ainley says:
  2. Hope says:

    It’s also the midnight here and I need to sleep! I’ve done about 3 hours of reading today, the plan is to fit a he’ll of a lot more in tomorrow! Goodnight all.


  3. iceangel9 says:

    My post is on Instagram: iceangel9

    Lovesick, by gaslight
    the Queen of the Night fell
    under the wide and starry sky.
    Let’s pretend this never happened.


  4. Meg L says:

    Posted on Litsy and Twitter as @ebooksandcooks with the hashtags #24in48 and #spinepoetry

    I can’t figure out how to post a picture here!

    My poem

    I’ll tell you in person
    What Alice forgot
    Roasting in Hell’s Kitchen


  5. I don’t know how to get a link from Litsy but my poem and pic are up there and tagged @DebinHawaii.

    The Wonder:
    The odds of you and me, the girls,
    searching for John Hughes the whole world over.
    The shape of things to come, in the blue hour.
    A pinch of love before the fall.


  6. Ashley McMillan says:

    On Litsy: @swishandflick

    I’m traveling alone,
    The queen of the night,
    All the ugly and wonderful things pull me under.
    Woman with a secret, I let you go…
    Before the fall.


  7. My attempt!

    “Star-Touched Queen,
    Of Fire and Stars.
    Holding up the Universe,
    Illuminae dark places.”

    I’m thinking of all the women (QUEENS!) fighting for our rights. All the women marching today to bring light to all the dark places in the world… all the women who in a way… are holding up the universe. ♥


  8. posted the picture and the spine poetry on Litsy: @ValerieAndBooks

    ‘Tis the story of a marriage
    Wildly romantic great expectations:
    A reliable wife.
    Marry me, not now but now!


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