Hour 42: Dinner Time!

One of the very best parts of readathon is the food (trust me on this). I am all about planning my snacks and meals in advance, and the name of the game is, ALL THE CARBS. I try to eat healthy, I promise, but then again, its winter, I don’t have to be in a swimsuit for like six months, and mac & cheese exists in the world. It’s only a problem if you say it’s a problem, right?

I say, combat the sneaking suspicion that food and books are not as closely related as you might think by dreaming up your perfect dinner party. Who would you most like to attend a bookish dinner party with? Authors (living or dead), fictional characters, anything goes. That’s your next challenge: which five bookish people (or animals, I’m not picky) would be around your perfect literary dinner table? 

Post a comment with your dinner party guest list, and I’ll pick a prize winner at our final check-in of the readathon, Hour 48 at midnight ET tonight.

Now to announce the winner of our Hour 36 #Diverseathon challenge.

Karen (@wellreadpirate on Insta)

You guys gave such great recommendations — my TBR is overflowing with them all!

We’re getting low on prizes but we’ve still got more to give away:

Emily Drake

Kris Wiley

Kristen M. (@webereading on Twitter)


Congrats and head to the Prize page now!

85 thoughts on “Hour 42: Dinner Time!

  1. Eep!!! I won one!!! Oh so happy happy 😁😁😁

    My 5 for dinner I’ve thought about for ages : Jane Austen, JK Rowling, Agatha Christie, Mark Twain (though not a fan of Austen so it may be tense) and Christopher Moore. I think it would be an absolute hoot!


  2. Rachael says:

    I would love to have dinner with Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, Oy (from the Dark Tower series), Veralidain Sarrasri, and Cinder (can I include the Rampion crew?)!


  3. Jessica says:

    Since I’m a huge Agatha Christie fan, it would have to be her, Miss Marple, and the incomparable Hercule Poirot! And it would have to a murder mystery dinner party, wouldn’t it???


  4. Ooh that’s a good one! My dream literary dinner guests:

    1) Jo March
    2) Hermione Granger
    3) Anne Shirley
    4) Ernest Hemingway
    5) Mark Twain

    Pretty sure I’d never get a word in edgewise but it would be totally worth it.


  5. Hmmm…
    1. William Shakespeare
    2. Sarah J Maas
    3. Rowan Whitethorn from Throne of Glass. I just love him.
    4. Rhysand from A Court of Mist and Fury. I just love him too. (Also I’d then want to hear the wingspan conversation between Rhysand & Rowan… I’m sure Sarah J Maas would agree)
    5. Dobby or Luna Lovegood. Because both are amazing.


  6. The five bookish people who would be around my perfect literary dinner table would include some really bada** women: Ginny Weasley, Feyre, Aelin, Cinder and Inej.


  7. Kimmy says:

    My picks for dinner party are
    1)JK Rowling
    2) Hermione
    3) Jo March (Little Women)
    4) Harriet the Spy
    5) Jessica Darling (Sloppy Firsts, etc)


  8. Dinner guests?!
    Percy Jackson for his sarcasm and snark.
    Hermione Granger for her intelligence and magic.
    And on that note Ron Weasley for his humor!
    Elizabeth Bennett because if you need someone around to destroy people politely she’s your gal.
    And Gatsby, because God knows I need help with throwing an amazing party.


  9. Authors I’d want at my dinner party would be Emily Brontë, Terry Pratchett, JRR Tolkien, Neil Gaiman and Leigh Bardugo. Some fictional characters would be Nikolai Lantsov, Death (the Discworld incarnation), Aragorn, Elizabeth Bennett and August (from Wonder).

    I want to take this chance to say well done to everyone, since I’ll be asleep when we reach hour 48. Congratulations to anyone who managed the full 24in48 – I didn’t… 😁


  10. Amanda Bender says:

    I’m going with Hermione Granger, Atticus Finch, Anne Shirley, Augustus McCrae, & Capt Bluebear (from the Walter Moers novels). I think there would be a good balance of interesting discussions & lively stories.


  11. Kate says:

    1) Emily Brontë (love her so much I plan to name a future baby after her, in a sense)
    2) Jane Austen
    3) Maya Angelou
    4) David Mitchell
    5) Naomi Novik

    It’s totally random but would make for an interesting party!


  12. quelle says:

    Agatha Christie
    JK Rowling
    Roald Dahl
    Harriet M Welsch
    Tuppence Beresford
    (I’m sure Roald Dahl wouldn’t mind the company of so many witty women. Lol)


  13. iceangel9 says:

    Oooh, this is so hard.

    1. J. R. R. Tolkien
    2. Charles Dickens
    3. Alfred, Lord Tennyson
    4. Gandalf
    5. Aloysius Pendergast (from the series by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston)

    What historical and philosophical conversation we could have!


  14. 1. William Shakespeare to get proof (I love his work, I do, hands down, but I don’t know if he as a person would be so amasing… I mean, he was a man in the 1500s. Still, want that proof).
    2. Elizabeth Gaskell
    3. Wilkie Collins (Both are great feminist writers and would be interesting to see what they think about where things are going).
    4. Matti Aikio (a sami writer who aparently was the life of the party, but also always an outsider. I want to hear him tell stories and laugh, and then give him a big hug).
    5. Edwin Abbott Abbott and Lewis Caroll (yes I know, a cheat, I just want the pictures Will) just so we can nerd out over mathematics in literature 😀


  15. CameG says:

    Omg I won XD that’s so strange!

    My literary dinner would be… quite curious, I think, because I’m going to invite very different people!
    Jane Austen (I’ve seen she’s quite popular)
    Ladislao Mittner
    Mark Z. Danielewski
    Clint Barton
    Ernest Drake

    … I can’t even try to imagine how would such a dinner go!


  16. natashajk says:

    In no particular order:

    Hermione Granger
    Katniss Everdeen
    Linh Cinder
    Anne Shirley
    Tish Sterling (from The Keeping Days series by Norma Johnston)

    With people from the late 1800s/early 1900s, dystopian future, and the magical world, it would be a wide ranging conversational milieu!


  17. The 5 people I would love to come to my literary dinner party would have to be Magnus from The Mortal Instruments Series, Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles, Author Holly Black, Author Ransom Riggs, and Author Rick Yancey. I think it would be such an magical evening, and the conversations we would have couldn’t even be imagined!!


  18. Brene Brown because she’s so wise.
    Jack from Room because he seems like the coolest kid who could teach me a lot.
    Tyrian Lannister because he’d be incredibly interesting to have a conversation with.
    Jesus. (A little cliche maybe but come on…He’s Jesus)
    Jodi Picoult because her books got me into reading again years ago.


  19. Well, if I get to combine real and fictional people…my dinner party guest list would have to include Oscar Wilde for his witty aphorisms, and I think Elizabeth Bennet would be a wonderful conversation partner to Wilde. Then add in Charles Dickens & Mark Twain for their great storytelling, and finally, Hermione Granger, because I want to talk with her about books!


  20. Tim says:

    Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby. He will feel he’s finally made it at my party.

    Huck Finn and Jim from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. We should take a boat ride on the Bay after dinner.

    Hamlet from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Hope he remembers to bring his thorazine.

    Odysseus from Homer’s The Odyssey. He probably won’t stay for the whole dinner.

    Satan and God from Milton’s Paradise Lost. This seating arrangement will be hell.


  21. Marlene Velazquez @GryffinMarleneV twitter

    I’m not sure how to delete, but I’m going to repost.

    1. Maya Angelou, Still I rise is my favorite poem.

    2. Sarah J. Maas, we need to talk about her ability to destroy my heart with all her books.

    3. Katy from the Lux series by Jennifer Armentrout. Her love of books and blogging is amazing and I’d just want her wisdom and advice. She needs a friend who can be like a sister which can be me. (Yes, I’m delusional lol)

    4. Meg medina, I love her ability to write diversely for every age group. I look up to her as a Latina myself and I always find myself in her stories. Read burn baby burn. It’s so good and will change youe views.

    5. The Queen herself. J.K Rowling. I forever will love her. ❤


  22. Lizpixie says:

    1. Agatha Christie
    2. Terry Pratchett
    3. Neil Gaiman
    4. Stephen King
    5. J.K.Rowling

    What a dinner party that would make! Could you imagine the conversation?


  23. Much as I’d like to have Mr. Darcy to dinner, I doubt he would talk to anyone else so I would I think I would go with a group of my favorite female characters who also have some wit and a healthy level of snark and will make me laugh:

    Elizabeth Darcy, Pride & Predjudice, Jane Austen
    Jane Jameson, The Jane Jameson/Half-Moon Hollow Books by Molly Harper
    Charley Davidson, The Charley Davidson Series by Darynda Jones
    Agnieszka (do we know her last name?), Uprooted by Naomi Novik
    Beatrice (again no last name) Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare


  24. I would definitely have to go for

    1) Harper lee
    2) Margaret Atwood
    3) Caitlin Moran
    4) kameron Hurley
    5) chimamanda ngozi adichie

    These ladies I feel would put the world to rights or come up with a brilliant book together over a meal and a few glasses of wine


  25. For a bookish feast, hm? There are so many options.

    1. Cath from Heartless. I’m sure she’d bring something for dessert and if what I’ve read so far is anything to go by, she’s amazing at baking!

    2. The Walrus from Alice in Wonderland. Granted he ate a lot of baby oysters (which in Wonderland is not such a great idea) but he’s kind of weird and he loves eating, so I’d say he’s be an interesting guest.

    3. Thursday Next because I’m curious what she’d say about eating dinner with a bunch of literary characters.

    4. Luna Lovegood because I think she’d have a lot of fun and would keep the conversation going, even if it got a bit weird at times.

    5. The Sisters Grimm – they’d have all their adventures to tell us about, plus they might know some of the other guests and the debates would be interesting/explosive/who knows?! 😀


  26. Lesley says:

    At this moment in time my ideal literary dinner party would consist of 2 authors and 3 characters…
    Authors: Neil Gaiman & Jenny Lawson
    Characters: Thursday Next, Henry Tilney, and Lying Cat.
    I expect the conversation would be both fantastical and humorous


  27. AmyC says:

    I would have a tea party with Alice, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit … and I would uninvite the March Hare and the teacup mouse and replace them at the table with Lewis Carroll and the Queen of Hearts …if she promised to keep her temper down 🙂


  28. Callie says:

    My dinner party would be an eclectic little group!
    1. Victoria Schwab
    2. Luna Lovegood
    3. Stephen King
    4. Magnus Bane
    5. Newt Scamander


  29. My five for dinner:
    1. Edgar Allan Poe – I’m fascinated by his life story.
    2. Fiver from Watership Down ♥️
    3. Elin Hilderbrand – because Nantucket
    4. A.A. Milne – Winnie the Pooh has a quote for EVERY situation.
    5. Jojo Moyes – never met a book by her I didn’t like


  30. Probs Millard (my favourite out of all the peculiars) from Miss Peregrines, All three Brontë sisters (because they are so super inspiring and incredible) and Roald Dahl (the man who got me into reading, and I haven’t stopped since 😄😆).


  31. Jess. says:

    I think a dinner filled with amazing, inspiring, bad-ass women would be perfect:

    – Margaret Atwood
    – NK Jemisin
    – Delilah Bard (Shades of Magic)
    – Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)
    – Dee (Rat Queens)


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