January 2017 Prize Pack Winners!

Happy post-24in48 Wednesday, friends! (Yes, okay, I’d rather be reading too, but I’m trying here.)

Thank you to everyone that participated. You’ve all been giving me some great feedback on the Hour 48 post (if you haven’t yet, please do) and I plan to incorporate a lot of it into July’s readathon. Have you put it on your calendar yet?

Congratulations to the nearly 118 participants that finished a full 24 hours of reading during the weekend. I’m so incredibly impressed with all of you and totally thrilled to give away some great prize packs to three winners.

Prize Pack #1 Winner:

Lesley Landry

Prize Pack #2 Winner:

Deb Christensen

Prize Pack #3 Winner:

Janani Vaidya

Congrats again to these winners and all the readers who participated last weekend.

Happy reading, and I’ll see you in six months!

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