Hour Fifteen: Change It Up

Are you a readathon pre-planner? Do you set aside a stack of books and plan out your weekend ‘thon schedule, down to the meals and snacks you’re planning on eating? Or do you fly by the seat of your pants? No matter what kind of readathon-er you are, sometimes things just aren’t working. Your favorite reading chair is suddenly uncomfortable. Or you keep picking up books that aren’t grabbing you. Or you’re distracted by social media or your family or your cat who has suddenly become very needy.

Whatever kind of ‘thon you’ve planned, inevitably you’ll hit a point where the gears stop moving. And when that happens, don’t be afraid to shake things up. Switch locations, switch books, switch formats (seriously, trying an ebook or an audiobook when you’ve been doing only print can work wonders). Even if you have to get out of your house for a quick walk around the block to reset yourself, do it. Or if you’re lucky enough to have a hammock (and good weather), take a book out and spend an hour in nature.

How do you change it up when your readathon mojo is broken? Do you have an alternate plan when you’re feeling off?

Do readathon prizes help? Oh good, cause I’ve got some more!

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Don’t forget to enter the Hour 12 Roadtrip challenge and you’ve got until Hour 24 to complete the Intro Survey too! You’ve got another three hours.

104 thoughts on “Hour Fifteen: Change It Up

  1. This is my first readathon so it’s been a journey learning what works best for me! I find it difficult to read during a period of time when I’m told to read. My strategy has been napping. It helps clear up my brain and refresh me for some more reading!


  2. Usually only headaches get in my way and when that happens I take a walk, listening to audio books. Or I’ll close my eyes for a bit – in a position in which I would not fall asleep – while listening as well.


  3. Not really much to map out to the minute but when I hit the wall a trip to the local cafe for a change of scenery helps. A little reading, a little people watching, a LOT of caffeine!


  4. Jess says:

    I like to go for short walks when my mind starts to get tired from reading for hours at a time. It’s a good way to get the blood flowing and give me some extra energy!


  5. Jill Love says:

    I find that a novella or short story college snaps me out of a funk. How about some booktube videos. Those inspire me to read something new and different.

    Or a trip to my local bookstore helps too!


  6. Cynthia Desgagné says:

    I alternate between reading and completing my reviews (I am always behind on those, anyone else?) on Goodreads. But I will also have to cook supper so that will force a break.


  7. This time around, I am trying to focus on print books. To break any reading blocks, I come online to do “social stuff.” Theoretically, I could listen to an audiobook while doing “social stuff,” but so far I haven’t really felt like it.

    And now that I’m done with social stuff, for now, I’m going offline to finish the book I started before #24in48 began!


  8. I planned a schedule, thinking I could easily get 7 hours a day in (14 hours total) … now I’m actually thinking I could get closer to the 24! But I haven’t told my mom I’m doing the challenge, so I’ve had to stop and help her move things a couple times this morning. So while I’m not ready to switch up where I’m reading or what I’m reading, my schedule is (unfortunately) not going to be followed … oh well, still going to be doing my best, and I’ve almost finished my first book!


  9. Mackenzie Jones says:

    I plan, but the planning a normally pretty loose. My books are definitely never planned, as I like options. But to keep myself interested, I have paperbacks, audiobooks, and ebooks. Comics are always a nice break as well.


  10. aimeeabsinthe says:

    I’m working with smaller books and manga to help me get through, I’m late with my social media posts because I tried to actually stick with getting some reading done and didn’t want to get distracted. Missed all of these then! Though my photos aren’t that great anyway lol Looking forward to getting more reading done! I’m on my 11th hour! Hoping to get at least 12 today though I might add more if I can!


  11. Nancy says:

    I’m getting up now to clean out my bathroom closet while listening to an audiobook. A reminder to all…if you have a public library card you may be able to download audiobooks and listen using your phone, tablet, laptop for free!


  12. Nephele says:

    I switch between reading print (my preferred mode), e-books on my iPad, and audio books. This readathon, I have a slightly different approach to audio because my mom sent me an Amazon Echo. This means instead of carting my phone around and wearing earbuds, I can just let Alexa broadcast my audio books through my living room and kitchen. Great for getting a few things done while still officially reading!


  13. I planned a ‘thon TBR which you can find here: https://keeperofpages.wordpress.com/2017/07/21/24in48-readathon/
    I stuck to two of the books (The Other Twin & Dark Matter I read) but I saw a few reviews for the third book that made me worried. I didn’t want to lose my reading momentum so I picked a different book instead, which I’m really enjoying.

    I read two physical books, now I’m reading a ebook, I think that helps too! 😊


  14. This is my first read-a-thon so I’m kind of winging it. But when I feel like taking a break, I’ll watch some BookTube videos to motivate me or watch some tv with my dad. Definitely considering switching locations soon.


  15. What I always do when feeling off is stop reading but I try to keep the mood of the Read-a-thon so I use that break to check social media but only accounts of people who are participating, that way I interact with them and also get motivated to pick up my book again.


  16. I stop the time and get up and do something else – switch out laundry loads, wash a few dishes, water plants, etc. – about every half hour. When I get to a spot where I’m having to re-read paragraphs, I switch genres. Reading a lot of poetry today to mix things up.


  17. al13ex says:

    This time I haven’t planned much, but at least I don’t have to worry about eating and drinking. I’ve been changing 3 reading spots so far and I’m switching between ebooks and printed books. Snacks are important, though, and they should be prepared ahead of time 😀


  18. jennabooksandcoffee says:

    I have planned a few books to ensure I’m not limited to a certain genre. About every half hour or so I get up and do a small task like grab coffee or put a load of laundry in. It helps break things up a bit.


  19. I definitely am not a planner in fact the books I usually plan on reading are the ones I don’t read. To change it up I usually take a nap and a lunch break. I check out social media and do a little “seventh inning stretch.”
    I finished The Waking Land earlier today and now I’m reading Goodbye Vitamin by Rachel Khong. They’re totally different genres and written for different demographics. That helps with changing it up a lot.
    Nap time 😴


  20. Donna Abate says:

    How do I recharge my Readathon mojo? I usually take a short walk in the beautiful outdoors, breathe in some clean fresh air and hug a few trees. This time, I’m recovering from hip surgery and I’m still not too steady on my feet. So I’m doing a few light exercises and 10 minute meditations along with having a soothing cup of Chamomile tea to regroup and recharge.

    Happy Readathoning to all!


  21. msjennamorrison says:

    I started off my readathon in the middle of the night with a couple of ebooks in bed. When morning came and I finished book #2, I moved to the living room couch and chose a paperback. I’ve just finished it and taking a lunch break, at the 17:15 mark and about to start a hardback (as soon as my mother finishes it….she’s playing along, too!). Soon I’ll probably move to a different chair, and after I finish the hardback it’ll likely be dark again and I’ll switch back to my ebook. Or I may throw an audiobook into the mix. I’m a fly by the seat of my pantser.


  22. I usually switch up where I’m reading and that helps. I have a comfy chair, the couch in the living room, and my bed to go between. Or if it’s not too hot I love sitting on the porch or even on a float in the pool!


  23. Lauren says:

    I chose to reread a series that I know will suck me in like it always does. That being said, I am wishing I had added audio books to my stash because my eyes are getting a bit bleary!

    I also stocked up on swedish fish. Very important


  24. Monica Santana says:

    How do I change it up? Oh this is an easy one: I eat! I’m not a planner at all but knowing the readathon was coming, I did buy some extra goodies, chips, cheeses, fruits, etc. to have on hand. Taking a food break usually puts me right back in the mood.


  25. I switch from bed, reading chair to couch and will probably go read by our apt pool soon. I always have variety of books ready: ebooks, graphic novels, audiobooks etc. I found out audiobooks are crucial for readathon for when you in a car, feeling sick or want to rest your eyes.


  26. daan says:

    What helps me is a change of scenery, a change to audiobook format, a snack, and sometimes it’s just a matter of changing positions !


  27. This is absolutely genius! I have about two hours left in my current book and then I’m planning on switching it up a bit. 🙂
    You said we have three hours- did you mean for the intro challenge? I planned on doing that a little later today, is that okay?


  28. I switch between physical copies, e-books and audiobooks. I love audiobooks especially when I want to stretch my legs outside or I’m doing stuff other than reading physically. My TBR was all planned out with both longer and shorter books on the list.


  29. Rebekah says:

    I try to take a very relaxed approach to readathons. Of course, I want to challenge myself to reach the time goals or pages read goals, whatever they may be. But too much pressure will take away the fun and the mojo. I decided to start with a very lose TBR stack, allowing myself to be pulled I whichever direction felt best. I’ve had ebooks in a variety of genres to switch back and forth from, plus an audiobook to listen to when my eyes needed a break. I have had many interruptions throughout the day because I have kids and cats, but those just give me lots of mini breaks. I also stopped at one point, paused my timer, put my book down, and allowed myself to be completely swept away by one of my favorite movies (Jurassic World) which my daughters were watching. Now, I’ve had a bit of reading downtime and I can jump back in with a clear head. Though it is 3:23am here and said head is starting to get less clear as time wears on. Haha

    Happy Reading everybody!

    @monkeygirlsmama on Litsy


  30. My first thing to switch up is the format – especially going to audio if I’ve been reading print or digital. The second thing is switching up my surroundings…maybe leaving the house and heading to a coffeeshop or a park. Unfortunately it’s WAY too hot to read outdoors right now, so I’ll be pressing on with the indoor thon-ing.


  31. I don’t plan my readathons out ahead of time (which to be fair is probably at least in part because I don’t decide I’m doing them until a day or two before). I always have plenty of books around that need to be read, so I just read what I feel like reading. After finishing my first book, I switched to audiobooks because I have some stuff I need to get done. I figure I’ll switch back to print or ebooks later.


  32. I tend to tune out when listening to audio, and too much screen time makes my eyes all grumpy so I don’t usually go those routes, but I’m envious of those who can do audio during any driving or cooking time. But I do love switching up locations. I’m mostly just doing indoor/outdoor and different chairs today because I’m out of town, but tomorrow I’ll probably hit up a cafe or two along with indoor/outdoor at home. On to book five for me! The first four were short and number five is about 500 pages so I’m sure I’ll be on it for a while. Cheers!


  33. Jennifer Sanders says:

    I try making sure I have shorter, light books between long ones. Comics, graphic novels. Taking breaks and doing something to reset my brain is good, too (a walk outside, a nice bath).


  34. This is my very first readathon! I getting ready to finish a book, but I’ve got a birthday party to attend in a little while. I’m going to switch to an audiobook since I’ll be in the car for almost two hours going to and from the party!


  35. Jade Hygate says:

    If I’m really not feeling it I always let myself have a break, cause sometimes fight through just makes thing worse. I put my book down, do some jobs or something and then return 📚


  36. This is my first readathon, but I’m finding that when I get a little restless, switching over to audio helps! I can keep reading while I do some dishes, fix some food, etc. Also, changing where I’m reading is a good tactic – I’ve been on the couch, on the porch, and now back in bed (in addition to audio in the kitchen).

    I did grab a big stack of novellas, comics and graphic novels yesterday at the library – and haven’t touched them yet 😂. I got sucked into a great romance and that’s held my attention so far!


  37. Jessica Jones says:

    I prepare more than plan. I make sure there’s food and snacks that are fast to grab, and I decide the books I most likely will read, but I give myself permission to change things.


  38. Meghan says:

    I just switch genres. If it gets really bad, I pull a cookbook or coffee table book down, something with lots of fabulous photos, and read that until I feel regenerated.


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