Hour 27: Insert Yawn Here

It’s the early, early morning hours on the readathon time clock, but we are still moving and grooving all over the world. As I mentioned, early in the ‘thon, I’m normally the only one behind the scenes for 24in48, which means that there are many hours here where nobody is manning battle stations. But because of the magic of pre-scheduled content and alarm clocks every three hours, I was able to squeeze by. Now that I work on the other side of the world from the official readathon time zone, you’ve got someone here 24/7 keeping the lights on.

Here’s a few more random door prize winners if you’re still awake slash in the middle of your day like me.


Jenni Sweeney (@NeeSwee on Litsy)

Amanda (@Amandajoy onΒ Litsy)

Tana (@pageta23 on Instagram)

Sumaiyya (@sumaiyya_ on Twitter)

Karen Eisenbraun (@HaveANamaste on Litsy)

Sabella Dunne (Sabelladunne.tumblr.com)

Sharlize dsouza (@intellectual_badass on Litsy)

You’ve also got three more hours to enter the Hour 24 Stacks and Snacks challenge.

17 thoughts on “Hour 27: Insert Yawn Here

  1. Thank you for organising everythong so well and posting updates and challenges all day long! Even with scheduled posts, it must be difficult and you make it all so easy and fun for the participants. Thank you! πŸ™‚

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  2. Donna Abate says:

    It’s another Californian still awake since it’s only midnight here. Gonna power through another hour or two before snooze time.

    Thanks again Rachel for hosting this event. I’ve met and connected with many new friends already from all over the world.

    Wishing all the West Coasters good reading time and the East Coasters a peaceful sleep.

    See you again in 3 more hours, everybody! πŸ˜ŠπŸ“šπŸ“š

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  3. Marisa says:

    Going to close my eyes for a few hours. It’s After 3 here. I am loving this though and am actually looking forward to waking up early


  4. msjennamorrison says:

    Not sure when you posted as I was caught up in my reading…but it’s just after 4 am here and I just finished my 24 hours! Granted, my weekend starts on Friday mornings so I’m not quite as ambitious as this may first appear. I got my 24 hours with about 17 minutes to spare. Now that I’m done, though, I’m in the middle of book 5 and I’m thoroughly engrossed, so while I wait for the sun to come up, I’m going to keep on reading.


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