Hour 30: Write Me a Verse

Good morning, fine people! It’s 6am by my watch and we’ve got a WHOLE ‘NOTHER DAY OF READING IN FRONT OF US! ISN’T IT EXCITING??

I’m super pumped (especially since Sunday is usually the day I actually get to read things). It’s a much more chill day, as readers either buckle down to try to hit 24 hours or realize they’ll probably fall short and decide to just read for the sake of reading. Whichever you are, just know that I’m super proud of you and there is no failure in spending the whole weekend reading. So keep going, turn those pages, and keep cheering each other on.

One way to wake your brain up and get ready for the new day of reading is to make some art. Specifically, give me your very best spine poetry. What is spine poetry? It’s using the titles of books on the spines to create a little verse. Here’s one of my favorite examples in recent memory:

Leave a comment and include a photo (or a link to a photo) of your best spine poetry. You have until Hour 36 to enter!

Now for the winners of Hour 24’s Snack and Stacks challenge:

Meg L  (@Ebooksandcooks on Twitter)

Chessa (@chessakat on Twitter)

Katarina Pearson (@katthekittycat on Twitter)

Tonya (@the_hero_of_books on Instagram)

Nina Carboni (@yeah_i_read)

Dayna Smith  (@Iceangel9)

Rachel Purtteman (@DGRachel on Litsy)

Ann Cox (@ferskner on Litsy)

Lesley (@eyelit on Litsy)

Tracy (@tracy_anne8 on Litsy)

If you didn’t win here, don’t forget to go back and check the other posts to see if you won earlier. Then head to the prize page to pick your spoils!

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