Hour 36: Swagalicious

I LURVE good bookish stuff. Like, absolutely adore it. (If you needed proof of my adoration, check out my weekly Book Fetish column over at Book Riot.) My closet is practically overflowing with the literary tees and totes (seriously, Rach, how many bookish tote bags do you need?) But I can’t stop, won’t stop.

Some of my favorite bookish swag enablers (ahem…retailers…) have been kind enough to donate some amazing prizes to this round of readathon, and I figured I can’t be the only one that loves their bookish swag. For this hour’s challenge task, post a picture in the comments with all your best bookish gear. Mugs, tees, totes, jewelry, show me what you got! This challenge will be open until Hour 42.

(My poor wallet is going to weep, isn’t it?)

It’s noon on the official readathon clock. Which sounds like prize time to me. Here are the challenge winners from our Hour 24 Spine Poetry challenge.

Daan (@TheLibraryMonster on Litsy)

Natasha Krahn (@tashajk72 on Instagram)

Sarah Yarbrough (@sarahy531 on Instagram)

LizPixie (@lizpixie on Litsy)

Pauliina Vuorinen (@puna_bella on Instagram)

Soubhi (@soubhiville on Litsy)

Angela (@proudbookjunk on Twitter)

Jennifer Singh (@jas16 on Litsy)

Matilda H. (@matilda_the_dandelion on Instagram)

Maggie Dodge (@mdodge on Litsy)

We’re 3/4 of the way done, people! You can do it!

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