Hour 39: Read Your Pants Off!

Okay, maybe don’t read your pants off if you’re in public, but like, stretchy pants are for sure encouraged. We’re just under 10 hours until this readathon thing wraps up and things are getting crazy up in here. There’s been a lot of wonderful chatter, some very hardcore reading, and participants from all over the world, some of whom are already done with their readathons. It’s the middle of the afternoon for official readathon clock watchers, and if you’re blessed with lovely, not miserable weather right now, do the rest of us a favor and take your blanket and do a little of this (full marks for swapping a puppy in for a heteronormative bae):

Don’t forget, you can still post your bookish swag photos in the Hour 36 challenge for another three hours.

We’ve still got plenty of prizes up for grabs, so let’s give away some more!

Cloud (@cloudsriser on Instagram)

Carolyn (@carbail on Litsy)

Kate Keehan (@preteavivre on Twitter)

Jade (@jade.elizabeth.c on Instagram)

Melissa Baron (@melissabaron4 on Twitter)

Vicki (@escreations on Twitter)

Samantha (cozyafternoons.wordpress.com)

Tamara (@northerngrl on Litsy)

I’ll see you back here in three hours!

8 thoughts on “Hour 39: Read Your Pants Off!

  1. Rebekah says:

    20:57:44 and still going strong. It’s 3am here though and I’m getting tired, eek! Afraid if I don’t finish before sleep I won’t get up in time, so am going to keep plugging away. If I can make it til the next check in I’ll meet the 24 hrs. Crossing my fingers.

    Keep having fun!


  2. msjennamorrison says:

    Still reading, off and on, even though I technically finished and am over my 48 hours by nearly 12. I stopped my stopwatch at 24 hours, but I think I’ve probably read around 30. And yes on the stretchy pants (and tshirt).


  3. I just got up from a much-needed nap. Although I feel refreshed, I may be cutting it close. If my math is right, I could possibly reach 24 hrs. I have 15 hrs. under my belt. My goal was 18 hrs. Either way, I will be happy.


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