Hour 12: Fantastic First Lines

Happy mid-Saturday, readers! I trust everyone has been reading along at a good clip this morning. Have you finished your first book of the weekend yet? What about your 2nd or 3rd? If you listened to Kristen at Hour Six, you started with a short, fast read and are motoring along nicely.

So I won’t keep you from getting back to it for very long. First, we’ve got your Hour Six winners:

Sara Nies
Reanna Hampton
Sarah Yarbrough
Kacie Roberts
Brooke @slightlyfoxed
Kimberly Bower
Lynn Andryshak
Laura Kain
Anna @elianto27
Allison Ivy
Alexis Ennis
Tanya @elemenopew
Windy Dozier

Go check out the Prize page and make your choice.

Now for your next challenge! We love catchy first lines around here. The best first lines of a book will hook your attention and intrigue you and encourage you to keep reading. Not every book’s first line needs to be dazzling, but the ones that are really shine. Take for instance this perfect example from The World Exchange by Alena Graeddon:

“On a very cold and lonely Friday last November, my father disappeared
from the Dictionary.”

For this challenge, open each book in your 24in48 stack and, in the form below, share the most intriguing first line.

Don’t forget that if you post a photo of your first line on social, use the #24in48 hashtag so everyone can share in the challenge fun. We’ll post the winners of this challenge in six hours at Hour 18, so make sure you check back. You’ve also got 12 more hours to enter the Hour Zero Intro Survey challenge.

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