Hour 15: Shake Things Up

FRIENDS. We’re 15 hours into this thing! We’re hitting our stride! We’re assessing our snack piles, stretching our limbs, and checking in with each other.

For us old hats, this is inevitably the time when we assess all systems. Is this chair comfortable? Are we getting sleepy? Is there enough light? Are we really enjoying this book, or is it dragging? Do we need a caffeine boost?

While the answer to that last question is almost always yes, wherever you find yourself at this moment, the best laid plans almost always go awry. You plan on reading five books and only get through two. You’re gonna knock out 18 hours on the first day, but you fall asleep on the couch and now you’re behind.

This hour is also when we remind you to take a deep breath and switch things up. There’s no wrong way to do this readathon, AND there’s no right way. Make your own reading magic however you can. Check in online to get some support. Move to a different room. Switch up your format or genre, or take a break altogether.

Share your favorite way to maintain your readathon mojo in the comments below, and don’t forget to complete the Hour 12 Challenge!

This hour’s door prize winners:

Ashley Nicoletto

Christine Traner

Daena Diaz

Melissa Flim

Sabrina Unrein

Callie Pastor

Head over to the prize page to claim your goodies!


71 thoughts on “Hour 15: Shake Things Up

  1. I find that for me, giving myself a goal, such as read 4 books or complete at least 15 hours of reading, keeps me focused. It also doesn’t hurt that reading is something I love to do! On top of that, snacks and coffee breaks keep me going!


  2. I am going to be switching from audiobook to physical books almost done with my audiobook and i am loving it, I just hope that the main couple get together at the end of the book or before the end of the book


  3. Donna Abate says:

    Hello Readathoners! I like to read short books and graphic novels so I can finish several books and feel more motivated. I also use your 3 hour breaks as a time to stretch, take a break, do the challenges and check in with other readathoners on social media. And audiobooks for whenever I need a snack or meal. Happy reading to all! 🤗


  4. I have two print books I’m reading. One fiction and one non-fiction. And I also have an audiobook for when I need to get other things done. It helps me to be able to switch things up every hour or so. I’m also a fan of breaks. I set the timer for 15 min to go do something else and then come back.


  5. I like to switch it up between books. I also like to switch between audio and physical books that way no matter what I have options. I can still get stuff done while doing an audio so my reading never suffers.


  6. cyrenitis says:

    I keep the experience as low pressure as possible. Breaks when I need them, switching up format when my eyes are tired, delicious snacks, and relieving myself of the expectation that I absolutely have to get to 24 hours!


  7. Cassie L. says:

    This is my first time with this type of challenge. But I’m just taking a break to see what others are reading and going to play a little Crossy Road for 10 minutes. (Because my DR refused to play a round or two of Mario Cart with me….what kind of video game addicted kid is he?) J/K


  8. Leah Weyand says:

    I make sure to rotate in some beloved re-reads, so I keep my energy strong. Also, bingeing series is a way I keep going. Lots of short books and graphic novels in the mix, and I take a brief break after each one is done!


  9. Rebecca Hill says:

    Aside, I never use wordpress and this thing won’t let me post a comment. argh! That said, I alternate audiobooks and regular books and make sure to go the gym.


  10. I seem to need a short break every hour and 15 minutes to an hour and 45 minutes, anything longer and my attention seems to veer off or I get sleepy eyes. Coffee and a snack break is good. And if I am reading and find myself getting sleepy a sip of cold water does the trick. Also I try and not be anywhere that is too comfy cozy and warm…it makes me want to nap!


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