Hour 30: Share the Shame

WHAT UP PARTY PEOPLE. It’s 6am on day two, my favorite day of the ‘thon. For me, day two usually consists of extra coffee, cozy blankets, catching up on the hashtag, and some dedicated hunkering down to try and hit 24 hours.

Wherever you are and however much you’ve read, I’m happy you’re here, and I’m proud of you. Reading for the sake of reading with a community of other readers across the world is the most important part of this weekend. You’ve dedicated your weekend to reading and connecting, and that’s a win all by itself.

To kick off our second day, it’s time for another challenge! Head on over to your bookshelves and take a long, hard look at all the books you haven’t read. Listen to them calling to you. Think about how many times you’ve bought new books and ignored the unread ones you already own.

This hour’s challenge: find the book you’ve owned the longest that you still haven’t read, and share it with us. (Drop your email address and challenge entry into the form at the bottom of this post; you have until Hour 36 to enter!)

I’m a big believer in the right book finding us at the right time, and for me that often means holding onto certain titles through multiple rounds of shelf culling because I know I WANT to read them eventually, I’m just not there yet.

Here’s my entry:

Do you share my habits, or do something entirely different? Do you limit your book buying so you’re reading as fast as you’re acquiring? Maybe you’re like Rachel, and somehow you have three or four copies of a book…and you still haven’t read it yet (no shame, boo, I love you).

We’re sharing our shelf shame here so we can kick it for good. We read how we want. NO REGRETS.

9 thoughts on “Hour 30: Share the Shame

  1. Dawn says:

    A Casual Vacancy fits this category for me also – I was just noticing it again a couple days ago on my bookshelf, a big, bright hardcover book feeling neglected. I should have grabbed it to read this weekend.


  2. Cara Hart says:

    Probably Ulyssess by Joyce. (Hey, Pagesinsidemyhead, get started on American Gods! I read it recently and it is such a fun ride.)


  3. I was given a bunch of Dean Koontz books and also a whole James Patterson series when I first really started building up my library. I read like one of them (and liked it) but I kept adding books faster than I was reading them so I have lots of choices to read now….and I’m not reading through them fast enough!


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