Hour 33: You Are Crushing It

We are well and truly into day two of this readathon, and you are CRUSHING IT. It’s 9am for me (Kerry), and if I know me (I think I do), I’m currently pouring myself a MASSIVE cup of coffee and getting ready for the day to come. We’ve got 15 hours left on the official readathon clock, and we believe in you.

That said, we all know that the second day of a readathon can be harder than the first. Your mind starts to wander, your eyelids start to droop. So get up and move around a bit. Stretch! Walk! Breathe! Then make yourself a cup of coffee (or tea, or whatever floats your boat), focus, and get back to the books.

BUT WAIT! First, more door prize winners:

Christina @ Ruff Day Reviews
Eva Shotwell
Alicia Day
Kristy Harvey
Trish Fitzsimmons

If you’ve won a prize (here or on a past post–be sure to double check!), visit the Prize Page to claim your prize. And don’t forget you can still enter the Share the Shame challenge from Hour 30, which is open for entries until Hour 36.

4 thoughts on “Hour 33: You Are Crushing It

  1. FInished my third book – Spill Zone, by Scott Westerfeld. Intriguing! What happens when your eyes hurt? I hate wasting the hours available, but I need to rest my eyes a bit too, lol.


  2. Dalindcy Koolhoven says:

    I have a mission: finishing the last 100ish pages of Sophie’s World before bed tonight. It’s currently 6pm so I hope I’ll make it!


  3. Brenda Hardin says:

    I amlistening to an audio book while I am at work. Its the only way to make the 24 hour goal. I am not able to use my stopwatch to time my listening time. I am hoping this will still count.


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