Hour 42: Cover Me

We are so close to the end! Which means you’re either sad that it’s almost over, panicked because you haven’t read as much as you wanted, or kind of losing it a little bit from lack of sleep. (Or likely all three hashtag readathonlife.)

Before you go fully batty, we’ve got Hour 36 winners to announce:

Erika Morris

Ashley Kemp

Holly Latta

Heather Conley

Benni (librarybenni)

Candice Zablan

Susie Kirk

Staijah Unciano-Pantohan

Derby (derbylanereviews)

Erin Flynn

Go check out the Prize page and make your picks.

AND FOR OUR VERY LAST CHALLENGE OF THE READATHON, we want to to see your covers! Find the best book cover and the worst cover on your shelves and post a photo of them on social media (don’t forget to hashtag them with #24in48).

Here are mine:

(And yes, I know the cover for Made for Love is supposed to be terrible.)

Drop the link to your photo in the form below. We’ll pull winners at Hour 48 (the end of this journey!). Until next post, happy reading.

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