Hour 39: Let’s Do This Thing

Hour 39 is upon us, and that means it’s time for more door prizes! But first, a few words of love:

You, yes YOU, are amazing. You are a perfect reading machine, a fantastical whimsical book merperson, a beautiful wonderful literary leprechaun. We’re so, so happy you’re joining us that we can’t even quite make compliments that make sense (though maybe that’s just a by-product of it being hour 39, and yours truly (Kerry) veering just a touch to the loopy side of things). But for reals, this readathon is such an incredible event, and it’s amazing to see its growth, and we couldn’t do any of it without ALL OF YOU WONDERBOOKSTARS. Without further ado…

This hour’s door prize winners are:

Sydney Sullivan

Stephanie Hildreth

Regina Renee Ward

Felicia The Geeky Blogger

Melissa Pickford

Lady @ FreeFormLady

If you won a prize here (or on a past post… don’t forget to check!) you can claim your prize over on the Prize Page. And don’t forget you can still enter the Bookends Challenge from Hour 36, which is open until Hour 42. See you all in a few hours!

3 thoughts on “Hour 39: Let’s Do This Thing

  1. Finished so many, like 5 176 pages or so each – and dived into some amazing graphic novels, settling into The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo for the next several days, this has been a successful marathon – pretty sure I am not not near 24 hours but wondered, think in the future the 24 in 48 could have two options? one category for 24 hours of reading, and one category that would be the # of books read that equal 24 hours of reading? For example, someone reading 10 books might be great but not equivalent to the sum of 24 hours based on length etc, so would have to be a certain number equivalent (was thinking of an oil change – mileage or length) LOL . Just contemplating that!


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