Hour 24: Whoa-oh-oh, We’re Halfway There

Jon Bon Jovi in 80s big hair glory spinning with a microphone

Listen, I know I’ve been making the same Bon Jovi joke for years at Hour 24. But honestly, is there any better way to mark the halfway point in the ‘thon? I think not.

How’s everyone doing now that we’re halfway through this shindig? It’s midnight on Saturday night/Sunday morning, and you are probably trying to figure out how many hours you’ve got left to hit tomorrow or you’re feeling confident about your numbers from today and thinking you can take it easy Sunday. No matter where you are, just know that Kerry, Kristen, and I are really proud of you guys and you’ve absolutely killed Day One of readathon. 

We’ve got a few challenge winners to announce before we jump into another day packed with reading! First up, the Hour Zero Intro Survey winners:


Melissa Ormond

Hallie Fields

Sarah Yarbrough

Jessica Kern

Jessica R Pies

Maggie Dodge

Naomi wilson

Zara P.

Fabulous Book Fiend

Shekenah Keith

Mary Partain

Kimberly Sherman

Next up, our challenge winners from Hour 18’s What’s on Your Nightstand? challenge:

Daniela Filipa Pereira Rosas

Cynthia Desgagné

Jill  L

Caroline Ward-Nesbit


Kelly Brady

Hallie Szott

Vi Figueroa

Inge van der Heijden

Jennifer Singh

Karin Shank

Erin Coughlin

Robyn West

If you won, go check out the prize page and make your picks. If you didn’t win here, don’t forget to go back to the posts from earlier today and check to see if you won a door prize or a challenge prize – you never know when your name might pop up!

Also just a reminder to let us know where you’re reading from here and to enter your books into the tracker as you finish them here.

Happy reading!

5 thoughts on “Hour 24: Whoa-oh-oh, We’re Halfway There

  1. Christy B. says:

    Still working on the same book, but I’m having fun! Plus, seeing all of the other awesome bookstagramers and their accomplishments is pretty cool 😊 Keep it up, #24in48ers 👍🏻🎉

    Liked by 1 person

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