Hour 27: Who’s Awake?

A tan and white puppy sleeps, and his nose twitches a little.

(it me ^)

On the official readathon clock, it’s 3am (so you can bet your bottom dollar that this post was pre-written and scheduled because yours truly (that’s Kerry, for those keeping track)) is fast asleep right now. But don’t worry, I didn’t head off to bed without first picking some door prize winners…

Ashley Manning-O’Dell

Wendy Mann (lassinthelibrary)

Charlene Cunningham

Alise Freidenfelde

Angélica Gates

Jen LaBruzza

Vanessa Santos

Liberty Hardy

For those on different time zones (or some really hardcore East-Coasters who are still awake at 3am), how are things going? Are you powering through? You’re past the halfway point and doing a great job! Don’t forget to stretch, move around, rest your eyes a bit. And if you’re stuck in your current read and just not digging it, we highly recommend setting it aside and trying something else! This marathon reading is no joke, and we want you to take care of yourselves and have a good time.
An animated chef holding an animated rat (from the movie Ratatouille) raises and lowers his fist down, with the caption "So let's do this thing!"
(Psssst, while you’re here, don’t forget to look back through the previous hour’s posts to see if you won a prize, and if you did, be sure to claim it at the Prize Page!)

Reminder: This 24in48, we’re trying something new to get a geographic snapshot of all participants and log every book read over the weekend! Let us know where you’re reading from here, and track your books as you finish them here!

5 thoughts on “Hour 27: Who’s Awake?

  1. Donna Abate says:

    Still awake in Oceanside, CA ’cause It’s only midnight. Took your advice and chose some lighter reading during the wee hours. Happy ‘thoning and/or happy Slumbers to all! 🤗💖📚📚📚

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