Hour 12: Read Together…Separately


We’re 12 hours in to this #StayHome24in48 and I hope everyone is finding their groove and managing to not keep checking their phone every two minutes.

As we hosts are settling in for the weekend, we’ve been reminded again and again that this community of readers is the heart and soul of these events. Not the prizes, the challenges, tracking your time…none of it compares to the fellow readathon-ers reading together.

Internet hugs only! Social distancing rules apply.

Are you doing any reading check-ins with other participants? Might we suggest a Zoom call or a Hangout call with friends who are also participating and reading together? Or how about reading out loud with your fellow readathon-ers, family members or kids?

Tell us how it’s going for you down in the comments. Are you reading with anyone else? Have you been able to escape into your books or are you having trouble focusing? You guys are doing so great and we love reading with all of you again!

18 thoughts on “Hour 12: Read Together…Separately

  1. I’ve read for about four hours so far because sleep took priority last night. Reading solo but have many friends participating across the country, so I definitely don’t feel alone. Thanks again for hosting! This was SO needed. ❤❤

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  2. Nicole says:

    Definitely having a hard time focusing, but this is also helping me try to focus on reading for little bits at a time (have only clocked 2.5hrs so far, but that’s okay; lots more reading to be done!). Have got a cpl friends on board for this one, but still love just seeing what everyone out there is reading. This was SO needed right now.

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  3. Ethan says:

    This is my first 24 in 48. I am getting a bit late of a start but am having a lot of fun. My oldest daughter (7 years old) is even joining me. Her goal is 6 hours, mine is 12. I’ve got about 20 minutes in so far.

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  4. I‘ve gotten in four and a half hours so far. I am about to finish an ebook and have an audiobook on the go as well. I am reading alone (single here!), but connected with some people on WordPress and on Instagram. This is my first official 24in48. I did on ein January where I read for about 14 hours. I won‘t put any pressure on myself to top that, but it would be nice.

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  5. I’m updating on my blog and on Instagram, but not really reading in Hangouts or Zoom (never heard of until now, to be honest, but I’m old 😉 ). Yes, I’m having a hard time focusing, but am just happy with reading a little and so far ignoring the news for the day. I did have to go out and pick up prescriptions for my wife and made mistake of going to get distilled water for our CPAP machines (not a mistake getting the water, but seeing how stupid people are, luckily was in and out quickly AND yes, washed my hands). Now I’m going back into the world of Sherlock Holmes. Going to London, but not the London of today. Whew. 🙂

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  6. Definitely harder than usual to stay focused. I also wanted to get a few hours in last night, but was so tired I managed only 30 minutes before falling asleep! It’s still nice to be reading again, and I love following along with people on Instagram.

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  7. I’ve been having trouble concentrating as well, like many out there. I’ve decided not to focus on time spent reading, instead giving myself the goal of reading 10 pages or listening to 20 minutes of audiobook for each hour of the Readathon. Maybe, as time goes by, I’ll be able to relax into it more.

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  8. Meghan says:

    I’ve read for 4.5 hours so far. This is my first break to check my phone! My husband is so amazing and is braving the grocery store with our daughter to let me stay in and mindlessly read! This weekend of taking a break from all the news and really making a dent in my book is just what I needed. So glad to share this virtually with the 24in48 readathon Family.

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  9. Abigail says:

    i’ve read for around half an hour — just stopping because someone mentioned registering for classes for the fall semester, and i forgot that was a thing! but i think this is getting me out of my reading slump which is always good 🙂

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  10. I’m only at 2 hours 10 minutes so far, but hoping to clock in significant hours today. It’s a beautiful sunny day, so I’m going to do an audiowalk at the park (or course, keeping 6 feet away from anyone).

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  11. I’ve only managed to get an hour and a half of reading done. In my defense, I went to do some grocery shopping. I have to keep stocked up with 2 kids(a growing pre teen and a toddler) but the baby is asleep now and I’m pushing on with Blood Communion which I only have about 50 pages left of. I can do this!


  12. It’s going well for me so far. I’m close to finishing two books and I just started a third one right now. I have to take a break though for lunch and an online creative writing workshop, so I’ll be back to reading and posting in a little while.


  13. Had a hard time today reading, splitting headache but NOW- that gone and kicking in with some amazing books in Delaware

    True Country-Kim Scott
    1919 The Year That Changed American Martin W Sandler
    The Hermit King: The Dangerous Game of Kim Jong Un by Chung Min Lee
    The Toll (Arch of a Scythe) Neal Shusterman
    Rabindranath Tagore A commemorate Volume

    Would love to hear more of who is reading what!


  14. Regina Renee Ward says:

    It’s been a struggle. I had a conference call this morning that left me emotionally and physically drained. Reading heavy books wasn’t helping. I am switching it up tonight, so feel-good books are moving up on my list. Wish me luck!


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