Hour 24: the halftime show

Happy second midnight (well, for your east coast hosts), readers! 👋

Time is a weird thing these days with most of us isolated/quarantined, and tracking it this weekend is helping me feel like I’m getting back on track with knowing, you know, what “days” and “clocks” mean again. ⏰

Whether it’s your first or second or tenth time with us, we hope you’re loving a weekend devoted to books and turning the uncertainty around us into something as positive as we can. 📚

These days, I’ve been thinking a lot about what matters, what deserves energy and focus, what I want to devote my intention to. And my people, my community, and my books? They’re on the top of the list. I hope you’re finding that to be true for you, too. 💖

Now that we’re halfway through this thing, we want to remind you to make sure you’re hydrating and moving! Do some yoga in your living room or have a dance party in your kitchen. Whatever it looks like, leave your nest for a few minutes and get that blood pumping. 🧘💃

Don’t worry, we’ll be here when you get back.

7 thoughts on “Hour 24: the halftime show

  1. People, community, books. Yes! Once I force myself to concentrate, I’m finding I CAN disappear into my book for awhile (and I feel better afterwards). Hope everyone else is finding that to be true. I’m at 4 hr 28 min so far, and plan to read a bit more tonight.

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  2. Ethan says:

    It is midnight here in the central time zone and I am calling it a day. I got in 5 hours today. Part of this was due to sleeping in this morning and the other part was due to being the main caretaker of my kids the whole day. I will make up some time tomorrow by getting up at 5 AM and mixing in more audiobooks. I need to go grocery shopping before Missouri or even my county gets the stay at home order. This has been fun so far and it is nice to have an excuse to give to my wife to sit and read all day.

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  3. Moving around sounds great, but I promised myself that I would get a good night’s sleep during this readathon and that is what I am going to be doing right now. Good night everyone and I will see you all tomorrow morning.

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  4. Hi there, it‘s midday in Germany… the sun is shining, unexpectedly—it rained all day yesterday and I am pretty sure I saw some snow flakes. I got in a little over 10 hours of reading so far. Did a little washing and cleaning, watched a little telly and texted with friends, as we are all pretty much stuck at home. Restaurants are completely closed right now. Anyway, I might sit outside on my balcony for a bit, while the sun is still out and the sky is blue… I finished my audio of False Value, I finished the rest of Storm Cursed and read the first 100 pages of Smoke Bitten. I read a few pages in Walking with the Dead, Vol. #5. And I started The Tempest on this amazing app, that gives tons of background info on Shakepaere and LOndon and has Inas McKellen and a full cast read at you Via video. Pretty cool. Not sure if that still counts as reading, but what the heck…


    • Ugh, sorry for the typos. I can‘t find the edit button. It‘s called Walking Dead, not Walking with the Dead. Curse you, TV, for corrupting my brain—I watched a little Dancing with the Stars the other night, that might be to blame! It‘s London and IanMcKellen and they read via video… *sigh*


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