Hour 36: Self-Isolation Ambiance

The world feels pretty quiet these days. I don’t mean the internet (we’re proof of that this weekend!); I mean the world. I mean when I open the windows, when we walk our dogs, when I take a break from my indoor quarantine to stand barely just a smidge outside my front door (when there are no other people outside and also not touching anything) and try and recharge my heart from the sunshine.

Any other time, I think I’d revel in it. Right now, it’s a little eerie. I’ve been seeking out something to fill the noise. Right now, that looks like me, sitting in my reading chair, facing our TV with a virtual fireplace running on the screen. Earlier, it sounded like this reading soundtrack on Spotify. Maybe for you, it’s the Gryffindor common room.

I’m new to the world of ASMR reading ambiance, but I know a lot of you aren’t! Do you have favorites? Tips and tricks? Good places for us to find new ones? Share em in the comments, or with our dedicated hashtag for the weekend, and let’s get even cozier.

Wash your hands. Drink water. We love you.


2 thoughts on “Hour 36: Self-Isolation Ambiance

  1. Thank you for the link to the ASMR website. I’ve always been a lousy sleeper, so that was fascinating to me.

    I’m at 6 hr 49 min for the Readathon. Trying for at least 10 hours.


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