Hour 0: Kickoff


After a long hiatus, we’re looking forward to being back in the #24in48 groove this weekend, curled up reading with all y’all with a big stack of books, some giant mugs of tea/coffee/whatever floats your boat, and, of course, SNACKS.

ASMR, much? (gif showing a cozy reading library with a fire)

As a reminder, your hosts are experimenting with a streamlined and more laid-back version of the ‘thon this time around, which means you’ll see a few changes:

  • No prizes, and no hourly challenges. We still hope you’ll post what you’re reading, where you’re reading, and more, but we won’t be collecting formal “entries” for prize drawings this time around. 
  • New this ‘thon: Group Reads! By popular demand, we’re experimenting with group readalongs this weekend! See what books we picked for community readalongs (one fiction and one non-fiction) and join in the conversation on social media using the hashtag #24in48GroupRead. We also have two static posts on our social media channels and on this blog for comments and discussion, should you prefer to comment there instead of on your own channels. [Jump to Felix Ever After Group Reads post] [Jump to White Negroes Group Reads post]
  • Story templates. If you want to use our templates to share on your OWN social media platforms, we’ve got you covered! You can screenshot Instagram story templates in our saved highlight here; the same templates can be used for Facebook stories if that’s more your speed.

And some things will look the same:

  • Sign up! Though we won’t be using the sign-ups to check prize winners or the like this round, signing up helps us keep track of the size of this event, and make sure that you receive any email updates with future announcements.
  • Follow us on social media for more updates. We’ll have posts every twelve hours on this site, as well as updates on Instagram and Twitter throughout the weekend. (We’ll do our best to update on Facebook as well, but that platform just isn’t as user-friendly for Pages so no promises!). 
  • Log what you’ve read. Instead of adding books to a Goodreads shelf, as in past ‘thons, we’ll be splicing and dicing the data about what’s read this ‘thon to give a sense of the size and scope of the books people pick up for these weekend events. Be sure to log what you read to be part of the data set for your data-loving hosts to share back with you all!
  • As always, cheer on others! Search the hashtag #24in48, #24in48Readathon, and #24in48GroupRead to see what others are up to, and cheer them on! We hear repeatedly that the best part of this weekend is the community, and that’s YOU. Yes, YOU! We’re so glad you’re here. (Side note on hashtags: For accessibility purposes, we ask participants to please remember to use capitalization in the hashtags.)

Got questions? Not sure what’s up? Drop us a comment or DM on Instagram or Twitter and we’ll try to get back to you ASAP! Now, hit those books.

gif showing an illustrated book stack growing taller

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