Hour 12: Check-in

TWELVE HOURS! We’re halfway through day one. How are things going? How are you feeling? How are the books?

For those of us on East Coast time, we’re just hitting lunchtime; for readers across the US, some are even just waking up; some of our international readers have almost a full day of reading behind them already. Regardless, remember to pace yourselves, stay hydrated, move your body in ways that feel good to you (a walk? a stretch? a yoga? a workout?). 

I (Kerry) always hit the 12-hour mark somewhere between “OhMyGosh I’m so behind” and “full of hope for the rest of the weekend’s reading.” Since having a kiddo, however, I’ve adjusted my expectations for any ‘thon event and learned (mostly) to just be grateful for any span of uninterrupted reading time, rare as it is with a tiny toddler at home with no outside childcare (thanks, pandemic!). 

I share this only to say: I see you. We see you! Take the pressure off. Have fun. Meet other readers. Read good books. That’s what this weekend is all about: 24 hours is just the icing on (some participants’) cake.

While you’re here, don’t forget:

  • Follow us on social media for more updates. We’re most active Instagram and Twitter throughout the weekend, though we do try to keep our Facebook page updated as well.
  • Cheer on others! Search the hashtag #24in48, #24in48Readathon, and #24in48GroupRead to see what others are up to, and cheer them on! (Side note on hashtags: For accessibility purposes, we ask participants to please remember to use capitalization in the hashtags.)
gif of Levar Burton and Michelle Obama sitting in chairs reading children’s books

2 thoughts on “Hour 12: Check-in

  1. Started midnight last night for me, but I didn’t pick up a book until 2 am. Read till 3:30 am, then called it a night.From 11 am to 1 pm doing an audiobook, then getting ready for an afternoon and evening with friends – so other than the drive up there with audio for 45 min each trip, will be a pause for me. When I get home, I’ll hit the books seriously again 😉

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  2. vtdorchester says:

    I didn’t get started until about an hour and a half ago, about 15 hours into the 48 hours, my time. But I’m hoping to get in another four or five hours in before time is up!


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